Sunday, 1 March 2015

A twist for q&a month...a vanilla point of view

So my friend, my closest, wanderful friend was delighted when i asked her if she would like to make a post on my blog, she does not know the blog name, nor has she read any posts, although she would like to, thats not going to happen.

I thought it would be something different for q&a month, she sent me her post via email, and with her i do get editing rights lol, but i havent changed her words at all, the only editing  i had to do was she loves emoticons, too damn much! the email may as well have been one huge emoticon!

Let the questioning and answering begin, bloggers.


Hello, you kinky people

I was very surprised when Tori asked if I would like to write a post for her blog, about how I feel about her relationship with Mr Grey, she hates me calling him that, so I continue to do so.  I would love to be able to read her blog but she won't let me, it can't be that bad can it?

Tori is lovely, and I feel blessed to be her friend, she is kind, considerate, funny and gentle but not to be underestimated, she can be a cold hearted bitch.  I wish she was more confident with herself in some ways, if only she could see what I and many of her friends see, I love her.

Mr Grey makes her happy, that's all I care about, she shares some of what they do with me, but I know I  do not know the half of it, there is a part of me that wants to know more, but I respect her privacy.

It's strange knowing that there are people here that know Tori more, in a way I do not and I see her almost every day.

We went to see 50 Shades of Grey at the cinema recently, we talked about kinky stuff and being submissive, discovering Tori was submissive I have to say came as a shock, the kink is one thing, but to submit to someone, the Tori I know is not how I imagined a submissive to be like.

I just find it hard to imagine Tori submitting to anyone, she is an intelligent woman that holds her own in most situations, I have seen her take on a local politician leaving him flustered and looking like an idiot, so the mind boggles that she will bow down to anybody.

I have concerns, most especially that she does not have a safe word, that worries me, although she assures me I shouldn't, but I also assured her that if he hurts her in a way that is too much, I have garden shears, and I will use them on a certain part of his anatomy, you have been warned Mr Grey, she will laugh when she reads that.

I don't understand what she gets out of submitting, needing permission for this and that, it's most certainly not for me, we don't really talk about it very much, honestly some of the things she has said, I would be telling him to kiss my ass and then start running fast.

The kinky side, that's another matter, I like to hear about what they get up to, and I like to see her marks, I annoy her with my pestering but it fascinates me, that she enjoys being caned, how does anyone enjoy that, and what's more orgasm from it?

They are happy, even though I don't understand their relationship I respect it, he is good for her, she can be a spoilt stroppy cow, she needs keeping in line sometimes, sorry my lovely but you know I'm right ha ha, I would say he should beat her more but then she would like that, see I know you.

She said I can ask one question.  One? Bitch, so I shall use this opportunity to ask why you feel that it would change how I think of you if I knew more? and I don't want the answer you usually give me.

Thank you for asking me do this, it meant a lot.

Loves ya xxx



  1. I love that she respects that you are happy. No one in my vanilla life knows about Sir and I. Not saying that you should share more than you are comfortable with with her, but I would love someone who knows me so well to talk to. Great idea for a post.

  2. I'd be worried about giving my vanilla friends access to my blog too. But they don't even know I'm a slave or submissive or really anything about that at all in regard to us. I keep them separate from my kinky thoughts and deeds. I guess I'd be mostly worried that they'd think my Master was a bad guy because they didn't understand any of this.

  3. Oh, I like this girl! You know you have someone special when they are willing to get out garden shears for you. That's awesome that she calls him Mr. Grey--I can totally see you getting frustrated with that, lol. It was also nice to hear some of the other side of you.

    I really liked this!

  4. Oh, I love her question. I love her inquisitive nature. I can't wait to read your answer.

    Did you post your thoughts on 50 and I missed it? I'm dying time truly talk about it with those in the scene. I would love that room! !

    Is this where I get to ask too? Well, I am!

    At what point in your life did you know your were a submissive? You often journal your struggles. Is it easier for you to share that side then share the more intimate side? Are you afraid of judgement if you shared the intimate times between you two?

  5. What a great twist, love it.

    My question(s) are

    Do you feel any different about the punishment you received now, compared to when you wrote the post about it?

    Do you get punished regularly? on what grounds would a punishment be given?

  6. Hi Tori, I really enjoyed reading this and learning a little about a different side of you. V is such a wonderful friend to do this. I love that she has concerns yet respects your relationship. Had to laugh at her calling your Master Mr Grey lol.

    Great question from her and I too am curious to see your answer.

    What is the biggest area you feel you have grown since being with your Master and what is the area you would say he has grown the most in?

    Are there things kink wise you haven't explored yet and would like to?

    If you could vacation anywhere, where would it be?


  7. Hi Tori. Playing devil's advocate with this question.
    Slave, property, chattel, these all have emotive words which can be misinterpreted in the modern context. If you were tasked with a new way of describing yourself, what words would you choose or would you resist and fight for your right to be called a slave?