Monday, 30 March 2015

Real neat blog, questions and answers

Thank you to Renee Rose for the nomination.

The rules, coz im such a good girl (doesnt have quite the same effect when you call yourself a good girl lol), i will of course follow them!

1)  Put the award logo in your post
2)  Answer 7 questions asked by the person who nominated you
3)  Nominate any number of bloggers you like, linking to their blogs
4)  Let them know you nominated them

Renee's questions

1)  what was your first car and did you name it?

ahh well, i can drive (some brave people let me drive with them in the car) but have never actually passed my test, i fell to pieces when i have gone for tests, my dad bought me a car for my 17th birthday and it was a Honda civic, and no i did not name it.

2)  whats the most public place you have had sex/spanky fun or otherwise been naughty?

It was a recreational ground/park, we had been out for dinner, detoured through the park, it was fairly late, dark, he needed a pee, and i make a great portable urinal! afterwards i gave him a blow job, and we noticed, or rather he did, i was otherwise engaged, there was a dog walker stood against a tree, watching! i dont even want to think about how much he saw!!!  i was mortified, he thought it was funny.

3)  I just tried alligator tail for the first time.  What's the most unusual or site specific food you've ever eaten?

I am very, very boring when it comes to trying new types of food, not adventurous at all, when i was younger, in my early teens my elder brother gave me escargot (snails) to eat, but i didnt know what they was, and if i recall correctly i liked them up until i found out what they were!

4)  what do you listen to on the radio?

Radio 2, i like the combination of music, modern as well as old, and different genre's, plus the discussions of current news, debates etc, i listen to the radio a lot, its generally on most of the day.

5)  What's the last thing that made you cry?  It's okay if it was just a movie or a you tube video.

an article last week in my local newspaper of a dog that had been treated cruelly and then abandoned, had to have a leg amputated, but was rescued, got medical treatment, and eventually re-homed to a loving family, if i had the space, i could quite easily adopt a lot of dogs that needed re homing.

6)  what's worse: preparing taxes or spring cleaning around the house?

oh easy one for me, this.....preparing taxes would be the worst, im quite ocd when it comes to cleaning, i dont just spring clean, i autumn, winter and summer it too....drives them all nuts!

7)  Have you always known, or was there a particular moment when you realised you were interested in spanking?

When i got involved with a dominant before my Master, its not something i had thought about really up until then, well more that it didnt interest me, until i actually tried it and i didnt actually like it, not otk, not at all, and i still dont, im quite odd i guess, in that i dont mind spanking in any other position, or scenario, but otk....nope, dont like that at all.

ok, the difficult part...nominees

1)  DelFonte

2)  Fiona

3)  green girl

and L'heure Bleue, although her blog is private

And the 7 questions

1)  You win £5,000 what do you spend it on, nothing boring like bills etc...for yourself, both, home etc?

2)  Your significant other, gives you the option of doing something kink wise, for one night, your choice, whatever you like, free reign..what you going to do?

3)  Breakfast in bed, chilling together or a night out at your favourite restaurant?

4)  Whats the last music album you bought/downloaded?

5)  What advice would you give your 18 year old self looking back, knowing what you do know now, about choose?

6)  New shoes or a new dress? why that choice? you cant have both lol

7)  Do you have any rules/expectations you wish you didnt have or are there rules/expectations you dont have but would like?


  1. tori - wow! thank you. For the questions/something to write about since i seem to be a bit slow lately, but definitely for the nomination. Love you answers - glad they were yours since i cry when the wind blows sometimes.... your questions are intriguing, i will tackle them this week. Thank you.

    1. Your welcome, i wanted to questions to be different not just solely kink orientated lol

      Oh lately i cry over silly things, i never used to be like mate swears im going through the menopause!


  2. Thank-you so much for the nomination...!

    1. Your very welcome, i know your blog is private so people wont be able to see it, but still i wanted to.


  3. Thanks for the nomination. I enjoyed your answers. I'm Radio 2 fan and still miss Terry Wogan.

    1. your welcome

      I really liked Terry Wogan as well, i liked his sense of humour, but i still enjoy the program.


  4. Hi Tori, these were great questions and I enjoyed reading your answers. Love the questions you asked!


    1. Thanks Roz,

      I liked the questions, they was different, so it made me want to make mine different as well lol


  5. Tori,

    Oh boy! I would die of embarrassment if the park voyeur incident happened to me.


    1. lol Kathy

      I wanted to, it was one of those 'i wish the ground would swallow me up' moments!


  6. My first car was also a honda civic, and I failed the test twice I think, before I passed. And then I was in three accidents in the first 6 months. (anyone want a ride?). :P Your park story is hilarious!!

    1. Thank you for nominating me.

      I should keep trying, i know i should, but i keep putting it i make excuses lol


  7. tori - i like conversations, back and forth, so i nominated you also.