Sunday, 8 March 2015

Questions from Julie and Misty

Julie my apologies, i missed your question, not intentional, having to go back and check i havent missed others, if i have sorry! and will catch up

"I wander apart from the obvious, what are the key differences to this relationship as a slave is different from others you have had in the past?"

Im not sure if you mean other D/s relationships or vanilla ones as well, so will go with meaning D/s, if im wrong, please let me know and i will edit as appropriate.

I have only had one D/s relationship previous to being with my Master, it was very brief, and i have had to think about this, it was a long time ago lol...we saw each other 6/7 times, perhaps more, but certainly no more than 10 times, honestly cant remember exactly...but anyway it was far from being what i would call a relationship, play partners would be more apt.

So lots of differences

Lets call him Mr (fuck i cant even recall his name) Smith, that will do, Mr Smith, looking back now, in hindsight, was dom whilst scening rather than being a dominant in nature..if that makes sense?  I found out later, that he was actually a switch, one thing he wanted to do was for me to watch him being dominated by a professional Domme, strangely enough thats when i knew for sure it was time to call it a day....not that there is anything wrong with that at all..but it just wasnt for me, everyones needs are different.

I didnt have many rules, in fact i think it was the obligatory no orgasms without permission....what is it with Doms and that?  as a side note..anyone out there that does not have that rule?

Basically other than when we was together there was little interaction, so im sorry my reply cant be more detailed but the situations were worlds apart as you can probably tell.

Misty asked

"What makes you feel sexy?"

oh bloody hell misty lol, umm can i be very cliche here and simply say he does! the way he looks at me with desire even though i might covered in welts, cuts or piss, he has given me self confidence in myself body wise, and that is what makes me feel sexy.

"Do you try to do more than what is asked of you, to please bossman?  If yes, can you give us examples, or ideas we could all use?"

I do, not all the time, but i try.

So an example would be asking him, or preferably begging him to do something to me that i dont like or want and its something he really enjoys, because its easy to submit to things i like and want, its easy to submit when i have no choice...but to ask, beg for something that he likes and i dont, it shows im willing to push myself for him, that im putting pleasing him before my own dislike of something....he likes that a lot.

Another one, is just doing the littlest of things, things that although are not an expectation of me,  i know he would like it,  for example wearing skirts and dresses more often, on occasion he may dictate what he wants me in, but generally i choose what i like to wear..things like that, just something that is not a rule etc but yet you know doing xyz they would appreciate.

thanks for the questions ladies


  1. I have rules on orgasms, but they are somewhat complex. I can have one session on my own of masturbating, if he's not here. If he's home I'd have to ask first. If we are playing or having sex, I'm supposed to wait until he tells me to come, but as I orgasm pretty readily depending what he's doing, if an extra one slips out I wouldn't exactly get in trouble.

    1. Im not allowed to ask! there are exceptions, during s/m i can orgasm when in subspace, so thats ok, im allowed to ask during sex, but other than that no lol


  2. Thanks for answering my questions.

    That has to be my #1 what makes me feel sexy, too. I can be a complete mess (trust me, I can look pretty bad, lol) and he can still make me feel sexy. The right kind of shoe will also do it for me.

    I need to be more mindful of doing's not easy though!

    1. your welcome

      No its not easy, but then it makes it all the more meaningful i think.


  3. Enjoyed reading your answers Tori, love your answer to the second one. The little things often mean the most.


    1. thanks Roz

      yes agree it is the little things that mean the most, sometimes its easy to forget that.