Tuesday, 11 August 2015

Did I say that?

Yes, yes, I have been neglectful, and I do have valid reasons, ok that might be a lie lol

Did I once say that I couldn't be assed with Fetlife?  I believe I did, well....

I found a group via the feed, that ancilla ksst joined, so I thought...oh that sounds interesting, I shall go and check it out.

I loved it, it's different than the other groups I had joined, interesting topics, varied topics, one's that make me think, and it was, is friendly, so I found myself contributing there more, I even started a thread, something I did not and would not feel comfortable doing in the other groups, I rarely go near the other groups now.

Anyway, the group, yes, is Dharma goes deeper, if your on Fet and fancy checking it out.

Well, the group owner asked if I would like to be a mod there, which came as a shock, but a welcome one, and it's great, it's friendly, I am really comfortable there, so umm yeah that's one of my valid reasons....a good one though!

But I am aware that I have been neglecting here, did I not say that in the last post? yeah I think I did.

I shall give myself a slap.

Did I also say a while back that I was not ready to get another dog?  yes, well, on Sunday I went out to a rescue centre not with the intention of getting a dog, and came home with one, he is a 10 month old shih tzu cross jack russell...odd combination, called Charlie and he is gorgeous.

I also said Master is really busy.....nothing has changed there.