Tuesday, 27 March 2012

Nipple piercings

I have for a while now thought about having my nipples pierced, Master seems indifferent to the idea of course if he wanted them done then they would be but its not something he seems enthusiastic about.  I have mentioned it to him a while back now and he said "perhaps" that seems to be his standard response when he is indifferent to something.

Its the healing time afterwards that puts me off, from what i have read it can take weeks (ok so im still working on the patience) im also concerned if it would effect the sensitivity of the nipples as they are now they are very sensitive.  I have spoken to someone who had their clit pierced and they regretted it as they have since found it very difficult to reach orgasm even with direct stimulation, i know its a different part of the body but i can orgasm from intense nipple play/ torture and i would be gutted to lose that.....i would want to know if this is likely or do they make them more sensitive!

I do find nipple piercings visually appealing and erotic as well as the potential for s/m purposes, i think i may well broach the subject with him again, tempt him with ideas of the possibilites they could provide.


  1. After six years of wanting my nipples pierced, I finally got mine done last April. I love them so much, and they're my absolute favorite piercings. The healing was no problem with them, I just had to remember to be good about cleaning them regularly.

    I found that they made my sensitivity different. It gave them something new to be sensitive over. Which is more fun.

    Just remember to pay attention to them in the beginning, and go to a good piercer. The piercings will let you know when they're done in a session. Trust me.

    Also, stretching them to a heavier gauge can keep them from having problems during play, but it hurts like hell to do it the first time.


  2. Thankyou kitten i was hoping someone might comment that has had them done...i do like the idea that it gives them a different sensitivity.

    I am keen to get them done but the final yes or no goes to him but i think he can be tempted. If he does agree then i will definitley go to a reputable piercer.

    thanks again
    tori x

  3. It is my guess that different women have different reactions to piercings so it is difficult to know until you do it. But I think you can take them out if you decide they are not for you and the holes will close. But you can check on that.

    Or you could wear rings for a while that attach without piercing.

    Good luck on your decision. Sounds like you want to do it.


  4. piercings dont really appeal to me though i love to look at them, and i especially love corset piercings!!! something i would love to try...but if it is something that you really want then go for it!!!!

    blossom x

  5. Hi FD and blossom

    Yes im pretty sure i do, the more i think about it the more appealing its getting but the final decision rests with the boss...so we shall see.

    I like corset piercings too blossom i think they look sexy.

    tori x

  6. I love nipple piercings, but I have heard they can take a very long time to heal completely. Way longer than any other type of piercing, so definitely do a lot of research and talk to a piercer about it before you make yor decision.


  7. hi William, yes its the long healing process that bothers me the most but i suppose its weighing up will it be worth it in the long run...im tending to think so.

    tori x

  8. I just started following you and read this entry. Did you ever get them done? I highly recommend it. My s got them done and we LOVE them. They look amazing and I absolutely love to play with them in my mouth... D

    1. Hello Big D

      Nope still not done, im keen, really want them as i love play piercings, Master keeps saying "I'll see" lol