Tuesday, 20 March 2012

In service....To serve

I have been thinking about how serving is used and what is meant by it within an M/s dynamic and what it means to different people, there does seem to be an assumption its about the domestic side of things.  I think service plays an important role and is more than just making a cup of tea for example, submissive is what i am, serving is what i do and strive to do well, to serve his wants and needs in a number of different ways.

It could be said that submitting is the same and its just semantics but i think there is a difference if we look at definitions of submit and serve....

Submit...to give over/yield to the power and/or authority of another

Serve.....to meet the requirements of another, to provide, to have a use

Using these definitions there is a distinction, being submissive is a character trait, a large part of ones personality if you will, submitting is a need, i crave his dominance and control over me, i submit to his will.

To serve is to put my submission to work or to good use if you prefer, to use a defintion above..to meet his requirements, to learn to anticpate his wants and needs and yes to have a use, he doesnt want a robot that needs constant instructions and supervision on what to when to do it etc, he wants a submissive that can be of use this could be practical for example we are off to Birmingham soon so i looked up and noted hotels nearby to where he needs to be....this saves him time and is helpful....nothing kinky in it at all its being of service.

I think sometimes i tend to get conflicted with confusing my submission with serving but im realising that they are different, my submission doesnt waiver its a constant, its more a specific act of service that i may struggle with yet being of service/use strengthens that submission. 

It might not make sense, it doesnt sound like it does but it does..well it does for me.


  1. i like the way you have differentiated between the two, there are no wrongs or rights in this lifestyle its what suits individual relationships..and what works for them... even down to doing vanilla stuff...lol

    blossom x

  2. Love this.
    And yes, it makes a lot of sense.

  3. thanks blossom and lil

    Sometimes im not sure my ramblings do make sense lol sometimes i start writing and then head off in a different direction and hopefully get somewhere in the end.

    tori x