Thursday, 15 March 2012

not today...nothing will bring me down

Mostly i love my job, i work in a school, mostly with children that have learning or behavioural problems and one little chap i work with is autistic i have been supporting him in school for nearly 8 months now and its been difficult, frustrating even at times.  He doesnt handle change well he likes routine and everything in order and he doesnt interact with other children well they may as well not exist, its been a worry whether he will progress to the juniors in September.

Today im on cloud 9 nothing will bring me down today, we had a breakthrough, no he did, he gave me some of his grapes....this is a big thing for him.  At snacktimes he always has his little tub of grapes he doesnt share anything he rarely will show compassion or indeed any emotion towards others and he cant cope with any unexpected emotion towards him. 

I always sit close by at snacktimes with my own fruit and today i thought i would try a different tactic, i opened my bowl which was empty and just quietly to myself said "oh dear i have forgot my snack" and carried on writing in my note book.  He came over and put 2 grapes in my tub, i said thankyou to him and he just went back to his chair to continue eating his, i wanted to hug him i was so happy but i cant he wouldnt handle may seem such a little thing but its not for him it was a huge thing...its been slow going but its progress.

Today reminded me of why and how much i love my job.


  1. OMG that's wonderful!!!!

    Autism is hard, one of our kiddo's is on the spectrum..there's so much they're just clueless about. Jokes, taking things literal, etc.

    Yes, many kids do like their routines. We were worried when kiddo started middle school, they have to change classes. Kiddo has really embraced the changes and is loving it..Now, kiddo still has support people around...but really so's been wonderful.

    We were kinda shocked...

    One thing we've learned, most people try to make them interact in our world...sometimes it's about how you interact in their world that brings them out quicker.


  2. hi mouse

    yes im just delighted, it makes all the frustrations worthwhile, i have probably got more attached to him than i should.

    I do absolutley agree that its better to interact in their world because some simply are unable to adapt to ours.

    Change of routine seems to play a huge factor with children that have autism and im happy for you that your child is adapting well..thats great. I dont think the child i work with will be able to continue at mainsteam school...the jump from infants to juniors would be too much for him to cope with and it would be unfair to put that on him.

    best wishes
    tori x

  3. hi tori

    what a lovely story and thank you for sharing that, little things like that make life so much more special when one sees a rare and simple moment as sharing two grapes...smiles

    blossom x

  4. Sounds like the best two grapes in the history of fruit!

  5. hi lil and blossom

    they was the best tasting grapes ever! lol seems a tiny thing i know but was such a huge step for the little chap.

    tori x