Sunday, 4 March 2012

withdrawl symptoms

I havent had access to blogger this weekend via my own laptop and him being a meanie wouldnt let me on, he sat there in the restaurant on his iphone reading one of my posts and wouldnt let me on not because of anything specific but because i think he just enjoys winding me up for the sake of it...i came close to getting a bit pissy but held back...whoa yes im getting better!

What i actually realised and did admit to him is that i have become a bit addicted to blogging again after having roughly 2 years away from it, and im very protective of my blog, thankfully he lets me get on with it with no that as i dont want him on my blog!  ok i cant stop him it is in his email address plus i wouldnt/couldnt say no to him, anyway but he has no interest in was set up for me, its my little corner of the world and im possessive of that little corner.

A good weekend im on a high still,  i will write about some elements of it, i like to get my thoughts down but at the moment im relishing being on my high...hoping there wont be a low or sub drop if you prefer.

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