Friday, 30 March 2012

Health spas are worse than dungeons!

A close friend of mine a few months ago suggested we should have a morning at a health club i didnt take much notice its not really something that gets me excited, i should have took more notice because apparently she took my disinterest as a yes and booked us in.

So this morning i have had my nails done (and got told off because i bite them), i have had goo plastered on my face which burned i swear my skin shouldnt be this red! i have had hands kneading my back and now im aching in more places than i ever have done, had aromatherapy oils rubbed into my skin which it turns out i have an allergic reaction to so the end product is i now resemble something out of bad horror film not that i could do much chasing cos im seriously aching!....oh but my nails are looking nice.

Im not a girly girl, i was not happy about all this pampering i did moan a little whilst mate was lying there loving every minute, and just when i thought it couldnt get any worse she announced she had booked us in for a bikini wax.....ok problem there...there is nothing to wax (Master prefers me bare).

So she knows a fair bit of about our dynamic and its not like its the worst of things, so i whispered as discretley as possible that im shaved completley, now that should have been the end of that but no not my mate she has to give her opinion and it goes on and on...thankfully the 2 ladies doing the massage are very discrete although i suspect they had a good gossip when we left.

"what do you mean your shaved.....whats he done to you now, have you got marks down there is that it?" oh give me patience he hasnt done anything its what he likes and then it continues along the vein of proceeding to tell me i should tell him exactly what to do with his preferences (submissive she most definitley is not).

So what did i learn? that i dont like health spas.


  1. Honestly, mouse is with you on the whole spa thing...

    Nails and toes..fine...a nice foot massage...

    The rest....not so much..

    Did giggle at the shaved discussion...btdt..

    Can you imagine mouse explaining being pierced down there??


  2. I've never been to a spa...sounds like I haven't missed much, lol!

    Glad you have nice nails, though.


  3. LOL, I have never been to a Spa either but that does not sound like fun at all.

  4. hi mouse

    What makes me chuckle about my mate is she acts all horrified but yet it doesnt stop her asking questions...curiosity and all i think she would definitley have something to say about piercings.

    tori x

  5. kitty and dancingbarez

    No in my opinion you are not missing anything it was definitley not my way of spending a pleasurable morning but the fact that you have to book a least a month in advance tells me we are in the minority lol

    tori x