Sunday, 4 March 2012

The Torture Chair

When he said to me "we need to mark your tits up its been too long"  i felt dread as well as thinking what do you mean "we"!  but i figured there was no point questioning that i knew what he meant.....i dont like tit torture or rather its not my most favourite thing.

He had me stand up with hands behind my back and he used a paddle with holes in hands didnt stay behind my back i kept moving them to cover myself...i do not like that paddle, as i couldnt keep my hands still he put me in the chair.

The chair is as obviously stated a chair but it has straps to secure the 'victim' in, wrists, ankles, and waist so you are rendered immobile but it doesnt stop there..oh no it has an attachment at the front much like a gate which opens and closes and secures to the chair .  The 'gate' has 2 bars one lower than the other and these bars have chains with clamps attached on the end this is all connected to a winch on the gate which can be turned to pull the chains tighter. ...the clamps connect to the nipples and the clit.

There is no head cage on the one we used.  As he is securing me in i start to beg, i was due on so more sensitive than usual and im damn sure i didnt want my nipples clamped and yanked but this wasnt deterring him, he started turning the winch....and i screamed, i called him names, told him i hated him, and he laughed, his fingers in my pussy confirmed what he knew already i was dripping wet.  He used a whip on my tits and i was helpless no hands getting in his way now, i pleaded to let me have one of my hands free to use the magic wand and he allowed this.....oh yes as i brought myself off he pulled more on the winch and there was the perfect balance of pain and pleasure.....until he removed the clamps!

I hate that i love that chair.

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