Tuesday, 6 March 2012

asymmetric expectations

I think its reasonable to have expectations, there are things i expect from my Master off the top of my head..leaving aside emotional needs

to keep me safe....(in regards to s&m)
to be honest with me
to be consistent
to push me to be the best i can (for him and for me)

His expectations of me are different apart from being honest that works both ways, but there are things i dont expect from him and that list would be much longer..even off the top of my head...because there is an element of us being unequal.

This is a relationship that is asymmetrical, ie having no balance and misproportioned, he can have expectations of me that i dont with him for example if he asked to see my emails then i would hand them over, i would not expect the same from him and it would not cross my mind to want to.

This leads to privacy...simply any privacy i have is what he allows me i am not to keep anything that he needs or wants to know from him, this does not work both ways, of course unless its something that would be detrimental to either or both of us.

I think the term asymmetric is more apt than using the term unequal because its about the lack of balance....the scales definitley tip more in his favour....is this right?  oh thats a whole different issue altogether.....do i think this is fair? no i dont but this in itself is what makes the relationship  asymmetric it is what i think in some ways defines D/s or M/s dynamics..well for me anyway.

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