Saturday, 24 March 2012

As time goes by.....

Im not the most patient of people but im learning albeit slowly that sometimes the best achieved progress is slow progress, in the beginning of our relationship i wanted to experience everything  as soon as possible that i was curious about and i expected it to all come easily.  In the beginning its really intense and although i dont think that intensity ever completley goes away it does i think become more managable, more realistic.

Thankfully he has been and still is very patient with me and i dont think sometimes i have appreciated that as much as i should because geez i know how insufferable i can be especially in my over analysing moments.  I have put un-necessary pressure on myself over my need to excel at everything and when it doesnt go as well as i thought it should i end up being on a downer, it has to stop, the only expectation he has where this is concerned is that i try my best and that is progress enough.

You would think the longer you are together the easier it would be, that would be logical right?  i think its more that you encounter a lot more different challenges of any given nature, some planned and some out of the blue and its how you manage these challenges that will either strengthen or weaken the relationship.

If its possible i respect him more now than i did before i think mostly because as the years have gone by and we have had different challenges his control and dominance over me has been constant.  So im going to try to be more patient, to stop over analysing and just let it happen...what will be will be but no matter what.....he will be here.


  1. Good to hear you are going to try to be more patient and that you have more respect for him. Sounds like your relationship is going very well. Good luck.


  2. It is going well FD thankyou and hopefully it will continue to do so.