Monday, 23 June 2014

Tomorrow has arrived


I needed to take a step away from blogger, not because of anything negative but really a lack of motivation, inspiration and i didnt want to just write something just to have a post put out..if that makes any sense?

I missed it though, i cant deny that, as sad as it seems i love this little community, hearing what people are up to etc but i think being away has done me good, i needed to get things sorted in life out of blogger so i could come back refreshed.....i was in a rut and spending too much time online, not just on blogger but addicted to those silly facebook games.

So, im working voluntary 3 days a week at a charity shop, and im loving it, working with 2 old ladies who have decided i need fattening up and have taken it upon themselves to bake me lots of goodies, interrogate me about my life "do you have a nice young man, dear?" well, he's a man, 1 out of 3 isnt too bad i suppose!

Have come to some sort of reconciliation with my mother, the fall out with her had/has been draining and i think contributed to bringing me down, i cant say things are as they should be, they are not, but we are talking....its progress.

The bossman, is just so busy, the busiest he has been since we have been together, and yes its had an impact us, its certainly been the longest period of time without any kink at all, rituals still in place which have been keeping me grounded, but i do worry about him, the hours he is putting in, he is just so tired, but wont, cant slow it down at the moment.

So tomorrow (ref.last post) has come, and gosh i have a lot to catch up on, replies to posts, reading etc, and im going to get myself in a routine, tomorrow will be my catch up day here on blogger.....ooh i hope you all have been very boring the last few weeks and i havent missed anything exciting lol

edited to blogroll is only showing the latest post from a blogger, i try clicking show more but nothing happens! have i missed something? or is blogger just being  a bitch to me!

Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tomorrow never comes

I keep saying tomorrow i will log onto blogger, catch up etc, (because yeah i know i still have comments to reply to, and i will, but i wont say tomorrow lol) but yeah well tomorrow just never seems come around, i keep thinking that i will do this A-Z of kink, that would give me plenty to post about, but thinking is as far as im getting!

I miss working, the past month i have been feeling more and more despondent, and yeah well getting into a rut, its not like i have young children at home to take care of, there is only so many times one can clean a house, and i miss being busy in a work related way.

and i really need to get out of this funk that im finding myself in, i just have this complete lack of motivation.