Thursday, 5 June 2014

Tomorrow never comes

I keep saying tomorrow i will log onto blogger, catch up etc, (because yeah i know i still have comments to reply to, and i will, but i wont say tomorrow lol) but yeah well tomorrow just never seems come around, i keep thinking that i will do this A-Z of kink, that would give me plenty to post about, but thinking is as far as im getting!

I miss working, the past month i have been feeling more and more despondent, and yeah well getting into a rut, its not like i have young children at home to take care of, there is only so many times one can clean a house, and i miss being busy in a work related way.

and i really need to get out of this funk that im finding myself in, i just have this complete lack of motivation.


  1. Hug.

    I know you will figure it out. And if you are looking for something to do, you can always come clean my house :)

  2. I know that feeling. Just remember though how much you needed this time at home, and the fact you now miss work etc shows that it has had the desired effect. I am sure you will get your mojo back xx

  3. That rut is a horrible place to be, so easy to fall into, so hard to climb out. I knew for six months I was going to be made redundant, it didn't make much difference to the shock of being out of work. I did sign up to do voluntary work. It got me out of the house, meeting people, using new skills and nearly 4 years on, I'm still with the same organisation. It's a few hours each week, but it makes the difference.
    You'll have these ups and downs. Don't despair, it's natural and part of adjusting.

  4. tori,

    Post when you can. We are your friends.

    Big Hug,

  5. Hi Tori, don't worry about the blog, we will be here when you are ready. I have only just posted for the first time in months.

    I'm sorry you are feeling as though you are in a rut. This too shall pass. Hang in there!


  6. Life has a funny way of showing you where you need to be ... maybe there is something just around the corner ava x

  7. Tori,
    I hope your feelings of despondency passes, that sure isn't a pleasant feeling place to be. *hugs*

  8. Okay, it's tomorrow, come back. I miss you!