Friday, 30 May 2014

Loop the loop

Goodness me, i really have been suffering from writers block as of late, not that i feel as though i should write something, but the longer i leave it, before one knows it weeks have gone by.  I did get a chuckle at a comment by anon, (no offence anon, but it did strike my sense of humour!)

"how do you put up with all this, being told what to do? too strickt for me"

Well, umm im submissive!

I like being told what to do, not always, dependent on what im being told to do lol, but overall i would choose being told what to do over being given choices every time, so i put up with it because i like the security his dominance gives me.

He is strict, sometimes im inclined to think too much, however, there is no uncertainty, i know that if i disobey or behave in a way that does not please him there will be consequences, there is no second chance and certainly no way that he would 'let it go' or ignore it....which although may come across to some as being too strict.....for me though i like consistency, and his being strict provides me with this, i know where i stand, what his expectations are of me etc.

Is this for everyone? heck no, but then im not the sub for every dominant.


  1. Oh...consequences. They are a much missed part of my life at the moment. Though, I doubt I'll be saying that when it all catches up to me. Lol.

    Is it terrible of me to have been happy that you had writers block, because that means I'll be able to catch up today?

  2. Yes please to strict...hoping you get over the writers block soon as I for one love to read whatever you write. I on the other hand have verbal diarrhoea in His absence. Roll on Tuesday when I get a good excuse for writers block!!

  3. Happy to see you!
    It most definitely is not for everyone...and gosh, it can be hard to explain that at times.

  4. lol too cute 'how do you put with being told what to do all the time' ... where to begin :) ava x

  5. tori,

    We want them to be strict. It is not for everyone.


  6. Could turn that question around and ask how does one put up with not being told what to do, to take on all the responsibilities alone, tons of choices to make, not being held so firmly accountable... oh wait that is where i used to be... ewwwww!!! *giggles*

    Hope the writers block dissipates for you.

    slave *~destiny~*

  7. Hi Tori, oh yes, consistency and consequences. Both of which I need more of! I love what you said about security in his dominance. It's so hard to explain and it definitely isn't for everyone.


  8. When you knew you were submissive, how did you transition from a Vanilla life?