Tuesday, 20 May 2014

Pause, rewind, start

Thank you http://thebeautyofsubmission.blogspot.co.uk/2014/05/liebster-award-discover-new-blogs.html?zx=d05894df3f3fc69  ava for the Liebster.

Been really busy here, had the lounge completely re-decorated, had family come to stay and the bossman is just so very busy, tired and stressed but hopefully all will settle down work wise for him in a few weeks, my stepdad had a stroke, my mother is in Milan and didnt see fit to come home, that just sums her up! (she goes 3 times a year, so its not like its a one off holiday) thankfully it was only a minor one, but i have been visiting everyday, cooking and cleaning.  My daughter had been hiding mice in her bedroom, 7 of the little critters in a box in the wardrobe, they escaped! tears at the suggestion of putting down mouse traps (i know evil mother that i am) so spent one night prowling around for the escapees, found four!

Anyways the questions

1) do you like to read?

yes, i read a lot, generally have 2 books on the go, one fiction and one non-fiction.

2) what authors do you read?

Quite a lot, i love the classics, the Bronte sisters, Daphne Du Maurier, crime and thrillers, Jonathan Kellerman, Michael Connelly, James Patterson.

3)  What word/s by your Master/Daddy/Sir/Dominant brings flutters to your heart?

yes, you may cum.....ahh alright umm ok, when he holds or touches me and says "I own this"

4)  Favourite colour?


5)  Favourite television show/movie/book?

at the moment television show is Gray's Anatomy, movie is The Notebook and book is Wuthering Heights, all subject to change at any time!

6)  Make-up or no make-up?

I like the minimal look, light foundation, lip gloss

7)  Favourite piece of lingerie?

ooh i love underwear, and it has to be matching everyday lol, but i do love basques with suspender belt and stockings, i like vintage styles.

8)  Do you enjoy travelling?

yes, havent done much as of late, well not out of the UK that is, possibly off to Monaco next year.

9)  Do you enjoy the sweet delight of women or men alone?

have been with a woman, not my cup of tea (as much as the bossman says otherwise) i simply like willies!....well the bossmans one that is.

10)  What did you want to be when you were a chid?

a vet

11)  Dreams for the future?

umm going to have to think on this one!


  1. seven mice?! in the wardrobe?! yeeeek!

    So sorry to hear about your stepfather, thank goodness he has you to help out xx

    1. yeek indeed, i could have quite happily throttled her lol

      thanks, he is doing really well, and the pressure is off me now as my mother is home.


  2. Hi Tori, you have had a lot going on! Seven mice? Eeek ... you are braver thsn me! LoL. I'm so sorry to read about your step dad. Sending positive thoughts for his recovery.

    Enjoyed reading your answers. A lot of my answers would have been the same. I love purple and The Notebook and am with you on makeup.


    1. oh you wouldnt have thought me brave if you had seen me lol

      thanks for the positive thoughts, he is doing really well now.


  3. I just had to laugh at the 7 mice - my gosh the beautiful minds of children. Love reading your answers!! ava xx

    1. i can laugh now, wasnt at the time lol

      and thanks again Ava