Monday, 2 March 2015

Lets get this party started

*if you want to ask a question(s) you can either leave a comment on blog, any post, take your pick lol, or via email, and ooooh he has let me join Fetlife, early days will see how it goes, my nic there is Histori, if your a member there, will reply to all in order so bear with me*

For V, my friend.

I was surprised at what you wrote, i dont know why but for some reason i was expecting it to be worse, sorry lol and i do appreciate your kind words, will pay you later.

Before i get to your question, a few things i would like to address.

You do seem to find it hard to understand that being submissive, submitting to someone, implys a weakness, that its demeaning, you imagine some down trodden woman that cant function without a man telling them what to do etc (or indeed a woman, men can be submissive to).

Well, you know me enough to know that that is not me!  on the contrary most, of course i cant speak for all, submissives are in fact strong woman, would you say im a cowed down woman?  no.

I do not bow down to just anybody, you should know that as well, i submit to the bossman, and my submission in its entirety is his, the way i am with him is exclusive, its not like im going to automatically submit to someone just because they are dominant.

We have talked over and over about the safeword issue, i can only repeat that you neednt worry, but keep the shears handy just in case lol

What do i get out of submitting?  its liberating, its who i am, its what i need and thrive on, and makes me stronger, not weaker.

Your question......"why you feel that it would change how I think of you if I knew more?  and I don't want the answer you usually give me"

The answer i give you i cant change because its how it is.

Before you think it, because i know you do, its not because i dont trust you, i trust you just as much as i do the bossman, albeit in a different way.

There are many elements of mine and the bossmans relationship that you dont understand, and thats based on what you know now, you said it yourself here and to my face, and i get that, i cant expect you to understand because you cant identify with it, its not for you, you said that also.

I am confident therefore that if i was to tell you more, answer all the questions you have asked, which i wont, it would lead to you being even less understanding, i guess it is just simply that unless one is in it, doing it etc they wont get it, we cant all be the same.

I dont spill all about everything here, although yes there is certainly more i talk about here than i do with you, but then its different here, in blogger because there are likeminded people, you want to know, but you dont need to know, just trust me on that.



  1. Always the fear of mine if vanilla friends know that P spanks me - how much do they really want to know and what happens when I refuse to answer questions or they thing I'm being abused (we've young kids) do they go as far as to tell social services. Does it impact my CRB status... on and on. It doesn't matter how understanding somebody sounds or how trustworthy you believe them to be, if you thing it is more damaging to your friendship, best not do it. I think you've made the right decision for the time being.
    I'll see if I can find you on fetlife - stay logged on long enough ;-)

  2. I will also try to find you on fet when I get home.

    My question is generally the same for all my regular blogs this year as I am sure to get a multitude of answers. How did you and Bossman get into your Master/slave dynamic? Did you start in a 'regular' D/s and escalate? Sir and I are talking about working up to a 24/7 relationship, but we are not sure how to go about it. Whether slow and steady wins the race or if we should just jump right in and see what issues arise.

    Great answer by the way. Hope V understands.

  3. I think it was both brave and enlightening to hear V's thoughts on your life with Bossman, also interesting to see your take on her thoughts.

    I wonder, apart from the obvious, what are the key differences to this relationship as a slave is different from others you have had in the past?

  4. I think it's wonderful that you have a friend to share even at least part of your dynamic.

    If you don't mind, I'll try to find you on Fet!


  5. If I ever told my best friend about us, there is no way I would go into details. Nope, no way in hell. Lol.

    So tell me...

    What makes you feel sexy?
    Do you try to do more than what is asked of you, to please bossman? If yes, can you give us examples, or ideas we could all use?
    How in the world do you hide the room of doom from your kids?!

  6. My best friend pretty much knows every detail. But my situation is more mild than yours.

  7. The top 5 things you love about yourself please? Xx Nice Anon

  8. Are there areas of your life that bossman just doesn't care to take control? Do you think it's because they are tedious? just not particularly interesting? Or just not his kink? Are there areas you wish he would step in more?

    Areas he does take control - are they because they do interest him? He really cares that they are done a certain way? Are a kink? because he just likes control? because it's good for you? Are there things yo wish he wouldn't want to control?

    Sorry - i could pretend that's just one question - but clearly i'm wordy, and curious... Thanks