Wednesday, 25 March 2015

The box of delights...or not!

The box contains 'essentials' for play, rope, needles, gags, clamps, weights and other things, sometimes he lets me choose something out of it, which puts me in a dilemma..see being given choice is not always a good thing!

Do i choose something i really like and want or do i choose something he really likes and wants, coz there are things in it im not keen on....i would rather he choose, and then again i would rather he didnt..not that im complicated you understand.

So, he says "you can choose something from the box, anything you like"

and the conversation generally goes the same way "something i like or something you like?" i ask

"you choose"

oh darn it, so im thinking on it, (this thinking has got to stop) what to choose, "just one thing?"

"just one, hurry up, or I will choose"

Fuck, thats not good, his choosing is not good, well it might be, but it will be a gamble, i dont like gambling....think harder tori, think fast!

but its like, (thinking too much again) well..needles, does that mean 1 needle, coz thats not going to be enough for either of us, weights are ruled out because they just have to go with clamps (well here they do), and those fuckers are heavy, 2 or 3 pounds each approx eww shudder, he has lighter ones, i know i bought them (from a fishing tackle much cheaper than bdsm sites fyi) but no, he likes the heavy ones....definitely pass on those, besides its more than one thing..damn shame that is!

I want to go for the rubber breath play hood, but i have been opting for that a lot lately, ok, ok, he is getting impatient, hmm i know...

"i want to lick your ass Sir, please can you sit on my face and use the tawse on my cunt?"

i figure win, win, i love licking his ass, so im getting what i want, and he gets to hurt me at the same time, so its win win...right?

"very well"

cool, so im licking his ass, and crack, not ass crack....tawse crack, omg, i forgot how much that thing stings, and as he continues, i try to continue, whilst screaming up his asshole, very effective gag i must say!

It continues for a while, inwardly im cursing..why did i choose this?  then he moves off, and is sat astride me, the tawse now smacking my thighs hard, "are you scared of me bitch?" hmm "sometimes Sir"...smack with the tawse again "are you scared of me now?"

no..maybe, a little bit


why!!!! i should have gone for the vibrator, i really should have!


  1. The vibrator is always a good choice.


  2. Thinking too much; I wish I could stop too. But really, no matter what you choose, you're going to regret it later.

  3. Seriously, I hate the game of' 'pick a toy'...
    really, really hate it.
    And you totally loose with that question, too :-D

  4. That is a dilemma and nodding my head on thinking too much. The vibrator is always a good option.


  5. I hate the dilemma of choosing. I always choose incorrectly. At least, it feels like I do.