Friday, 6 March 2015

Going to that special place...humiliation

A question via email, i have broken it down to the specific questions, as it was quite long winded, not that im complaining, so please dont think that! i found your email interesting, giving me much to think on...and i like that, you dug up some very old posts lol

"What is it about humiliation that you love so much? are there areas within humiliation that you can't handle?  what is your favourite type of humiliation? activity wise?  You mentioned being objectified in an earlier post, is that similar to being humiliated?  How does this help when you are meeting with others?  What does it do for you?

Being humiliated is something that really gets me into a good headspace, im much more pliable, well i am anyway, but even more so in humiliation, its when i get into this place of just 'being' that its the best time to push me, it just removes any inhibitions, and rather than perhaps making me feeling vulnerable, although it can do, mostly though it makes me feel liberated in my slavery (a contradiction i know!)...i really find it difficult to explain lol.

Humiliation can take many forms, i have no issue with being called a dirty slut etc, the more degrading his words are, the more he makes me feel worthless, the more responsive i get, what i couldnt handle is anything body related, ie weight that would not have a positive effect, so we dont go there.

I would not like and know i couldnt handle humiliation from anyone else, its too personal i think, i would react very differently to how i am with Master.

My favourite form of humiliation is objectification, removing essentially everything about me that defines one as a person, to be no more than a 'thing' to be used for his amusement and enjoyment.  I find this is especially helpful when he is going to be pushing me in areas im not comfortable with, because i can 'escape' into myself and therefore find it easier to just let go.

So meeting others is something im not comfortable with at all, i would say its the area i have the most difficulty with, this is how i have best handled it..on reading your email, i brought this up to Master as we are potentially meeting a couple soon.

Before their or our arrival, to have collar and lead on, wrist and ankle cuffs on, hooded or at the least blindfolded, no clothing, this has the immediate effect of 'grounding' me for want of a better phrase, not being allowed to speak, unless im asked something which requires an answer, but ideally i would not want to have to speak at all.

No sitting on the furniture, my place is kneeling at his feet, whilst they might be talking, and to just be directed by him on what he wants, my focus is entirely centred around his commands, one of my most favourite times when we met a couple it was similar to this, i think initially they found it a a bit intimidating, and i can understand that.

Because it can i think be considered 'robotic' the way i am, like that, but i love it, it just gets me where i need to be, in any scenario, with others and when we are on our own.

Favourite activity humiliation wise, goodness, i really cant put it down to one, i love being pissed on, and yeah i drink it as well (i have had comments before questioning the health risks of this, well 10 years on im still alive!), having my face pinned down onto the shower floor to lick it up, being told what a filthy disgusting slut i am,

To licking his feet and waiting desperately to being allowed to suck his cock, begging for it, and being denied, until he is satisfied, making me ask for something, especially something i dont like and want, and worse when he makes me be thankful and grateful for it...when im bloody not! the quick, hard slaps to the face that come unexpectedly, just doing something ordinary and suddenly 'smack' and his taunting "this is what you want isnt it bitch? etc etc ...mmm love it.

There is just so much more about it that we do, and more i want to explore.

As per usual, i know i have comments to catch up on, forgive me, will get to them tomorrow, for now im off to catch up on others well as attempting to make chocolate brownies, which is not going to on my 2nd attempt!  baking is not my forte.


  1. Some of my favorite things there!

    1. yeah, i love it, at a push i would say humiliation is my favourite kink


  2. I love Him slapping me. I love Him calling me a dirty nasty pig. I hate piss play yet at the same time I love His words and reaction. Objectifying is awesome. I do think when we involve a third it will take Him commanding my every move in order for me to fall into line and be what I love being most. His dirty nasty pig.

    1. Thats the thing with humiliation it just is so personal, what triggers positive reactions to some to others would be a nightmare.


  3. Hi Tori, I found it interesting reading your perspective on humiliation play. I'm personally not totally sure how far I could handle it because it's not something we do a great deal of. Having said that though, I do love it when he goes there :)


  4. Great explanation. I like how you separate types of humiliation and topics. I wouldn't be comfortable about being humiliated over my body either.