Monday, 9 March 2015

Disclaimers, opinions, and well this is not a 'how to..' manual

Back a few weeks ago there was the hullabaloo of google notifying bloggers of changes to their policy regarding pictures of a sexual/explicit nature, they have since u-turned on that....hurrah.

Anyway, around that time, i put some pics up, not sexually explicit in my mind, but bdsm orientated, i also removed the adult content warning that i used to have, after reading a post Florida Dom wrote (which reminds me i should put it back on).  

Last night, i had a comment on an older post, posts older than 7 days are moderated, because otherwise they have a tendency to go unanswered, so by having to 'authorise' the comment i tend to reply as soon as i can when i log in and see that i have one.

The comment is relevant, i think to q&a month, and any other time come to that, and surprise surprise it was anonymous.

To clear up some things that was said, and to avoid further mis-communication or angst.

1)  I have no objections to sexually explicit photos, but personally its not my thing, looking at close up cock pics does not appeal to me, and likewise nor does close up pussy shots appeal, like my photos will not be to everyones tastes.  Does this mean i object to sexually explicit  photos others put up? no, its their blog or whatever, who am i to judge!

2)  Like im pretty sure everyone else who blogs, what i write is my opinion, what i think etc, based on my own personal experiences, not everyone will have the same opinion, nor think alike, because hey, our experiences are unique to us all.  I will not get pissed off if someone disagrees with me, i enjoy healthy, friendly debate.

3)  In a similar vein to no.2 , this blog is not intended as a 'how you should do this etc' or 'how you should be', if someone takes offence at what i write, or interpret is as my way being the only way and their doing it wrong, then all i can say to that are taking it too personally, triggered an insecurity perhaps, and thats on you! not me.  and before you think im being harsh, im not, because i have had times myself when i have read something and its made me slightly paranoid.

4)  I dont know everything....i know shocking that is!  and i have via other mediums, email etc 'spoke' to other bloggers, to ask their thoughts, opinions etc, and likewise i have had some contact me, and im totally ok with that, its in fact one thing i love about this blogging community, it is friendly.

5)  Comments, i do try to reply to all the comments i receive, usually set myself a 48hr window to reply, sometimes (because i do have a life beyond blogging, although it might not seem it at the moment as im blogging a lot lol) it may be longer than that.   But i do, i figure if someone is making the effort to comment, then i should make the effort to reply....if your pissed that i havent, then just say "hey tori, i wrote a comment a while back, you havent replied, and i would like it if you could" you know, you dont need to leave me a rant about it!

Im inclined to make this a separate heading/tab, if i remember how to! helped me last time...come out, come out, where ever you are!


  1. Lol! You just go to the drop-down tab on your dashboard (attached to your post list), and click "pages". It will give you an option to create a new one. You can also get to it from your design page on the sidebar it shows. Though, it's been a long time since I made a page...Blogger does seem to like changing things around in the most inconvenient of ways...

  2. I agree tori none of us try to come off as a how to or our way is best type of thing. I enjoy different ones blogs because it allows me to see things from a different point of view, it gives me ideas, it lets me know I am not alone. I truly enjoy your blog lady have a good week.

  3. Well said Tori and I agree, I don't think any of us purport that the way we do things is the only way and what we share is based on our own unique experiences.

    What I love about blogland is how diverse we are. I learn a lot reading other people's perspectives and experiences and it gives me much food for thought in negotiating my own relationship and submission.