Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Questions from Delfonte and nice anon...a question for you to

Im getting there, i know i have more to get to...the end is in sight!

DelFonte  http://placeoffancies.blogspot.co.uk/?zx=46d260d4bf9ef5f5   asked

"Slave, property chattel, these all have emotive words which can be misinterpreted in the modern context.  If you were tasked with a new way of describing yourself, what words would you choose or would you resist and fight for your right to be called a slave?"

wow, what a question, different, i like that

I certainly wouldnt fight for the right to be called a slave, which i know might seem odd as thats what i refer to myself as, but when i look at how my Master defines slave (stoneage), compared to how i do (internet generation), there are quite a few differences, and i dont feel im there....in what he expects.

So, how would i describe myself...

I came up with concubine

A dictionary definition

"a woman who serves a man, to whom she is not legally married, one regarded as socially or sexually subservient"

Yeah that fits, otherwise, simply a consensual submissive......i dont feel i have done your question justice really.

Nice anon asked

"5 things you love about yourself? please"

ooh why is it always easier to talk about ones faults than this..i suspect you know that  lol

Im trying to avoid the cliches of saying nice, kind etc....damn this is difficult, shouldnt be, but it is...its like i dont want to come off arrogant!

1)  Im a good mother, i look at my son who is turning 18 next month, and im proud of him, and myself, im satisfied that i did well in contributing  making him into the young man he is becoming, both my children are nice kids to be around,,,,apart from the teenage angst at times..but thats part of the package.

2)  Im open minded, gay, bi-sexual, poly, kinky or vanilla, whatever, as long as people are happy with themselves and what they are doing, and its not effecting others...enjoy.

3)  Im fun to be around, might not seem like it on here at times lol, but yeah im generally happy-go-lucky

4)  I dont give up easily, i refuse to give up on something or indeed someone i believe in, i will always try to give something/someone all that i have, i make mistakes, i fail, but i will try again, and again.

5)  Im a good friend, i know im not easy to get close to, but when someone does, they know they can count on me, through the good times and the bad.

Nice anon, if you read this, i have one for you

I know i have asked you about blogging before, but is there any chance of you reconsidering?, from the comments you have made on my blog over time, you sound like someone i would like to know more about!


  1. Thank you for answering my question, of course I knew what I was asking lol, I just felt after your recent punishment and blog following it, you needed to see, the good person you are and exactly what you do bring to the table. Re my own blog, I have considered over the years, I even had one for hmm about 2 days, I blogged, checked, re checked and deleted the post, wrote another about my deleted post then deleted that one! Then wrote one promising myself never to delete again . . Can you see the pattern occurring? I have no problem predominately sharing my life, BUT I am rather black slope as I call it, I thrive on the more edgier aspects of M/s and S/M and I really struggle at times. Plus I am a complete worry wart of the highest degree. I worry what people think, I cannot just think nah it` s just a blog, especially with some of the aspects I adore. If someone was "mean", I know I would take it to heart. Pathetic I know. I am currently owned by a polyamory M/F, I serve both. Plus there are others in and around the poly group that come and go. Prior to that, a 2 year gap and a 10 year + TPE IE M/s relationship. I do have a wealth of experience, (not necessarily knowledge lol) spanning over 20 years + yet, I struggle with IE, acceptance particularly and my focus is often on "me" which I am currently working on/through yet again. Maybe one day re the blog? But I am a bit of an "all or nothing" girl, if I did one, I would write all my thoughts, feelings/emotions down, I would not hide behind the screen, only post the "good days" nor edit my own blog. So half heartedly having one, but not doing it to my own satisfaction is just not me . But then I worry what I had written! and delete! (see above lol) My Owners do not require me to write a blog. Plus google is a bloody night mare lol. So for now, I sign off as Nice Anon. I know anonymous comments really piss people off, and think we hide, perhaps that includes me? But I never ever, nor will I attack people online, hence the Nice.

    1. Thank you for asking, it was difficult writing that post, i think more than the actual punishment, it was just this intense distress that i had caused him so much disappointment.

      I completely get and understand what you mean about worrying, i didnt start blogging from my own choosing, he set it up for me as a place where i can write out my thoughts etc.

      I dont think its pathetic to take things to heart, i have had times when i have had comments that have hurt, they have effected me, made me question what im doing etc......im just getting better at dealing with them now.....kill them with sarcasm lol

      Anonymous comments dont piss me off, i wouldnt allow them if they did, what does bother me that sometimes i just have this instinct that its someone that does have a blog but rather than say what they feel/think in their own 'blog name' they hide behind being anonymous.

      Your welcome here anytime, i have and do appreciate your thoughts, i found your comment on the post about my punishment helpful, gave me a different way of looking at it.

      so thank you again.


  2. Hmm...I think I get what you mean in describing 'slave' ...mine also has the stoneage definition of it...concubine fits rather nicely...except it leaves out the masochist part...

    I adored your five points.

    1. Hi Bleuame

      I have explained about it in recent post...men as Delfonte said to tend to be more straightforward! lol

      It does leave it out, doesnt it? oh well will have to adapt it to suit me!, as it is an important part lol

      Thank you, those 5 points were difficult!


  3. I could ask a supplementary question - the difference between stoneage and internet generation, but I could probably guess :) Concubine conjures up exotic images and in some cultures a concubine has quite a lot of freedom, king's have kept concubines happier than their queens :) However, I'm sure many were little better than forced prostitutes, which isn't you! Consensual submissive does seem to say it all.
    I love your honest five points.
    thanks for the answer.

    1. Ta da, i answered lol

      OOh no definitely not a prostitute, that i would draw the line at....i would be walking fast out the door!

      Its got me reading up about concubines, ordered a book about the history of them this morning.

      thank you


  4. I was curious too about the difference between stoneage and internet age slaves? On a more serious note, and related to your great answers to the second half.... You say you don't feel you are there - in what he expects. I'm not quite sure how to ask this - i feel mine has how he wants me to be - both working towards, and right now. They aren't the same. Neither of us is for setting the bar low, but i guess he figures i can always grow and improve, but that doesn't necessarily make me not what he wants here and now. Sometimes i'm certainly not - but generally speaking... Does that make any sense? What do you think he would say? I personally have given up on all the titles - we/i just don't seem to fit any of them, not just in imperfect practice but in our ideal also.

  5. Hi Tori, concubine dies sound exotic. I like DF's idea of consensual submissive. I love the 5 points about yourself :)


    1. hi Roz

      Yeah it does sound exotic, i like it,

      Thank you, so much harder to write nice points about oneself than it is the negative stuff, shouldnt be, but it is.