Monday, 16 March 2015

Greengirl's questions

ta da.....i didnt forget lol

1) Are there any areas of your life that bossman just doesn't care to take control?

The first thing that popped to mind is micro management, well not in everyway, i dont need to seek his permission for every little thing, he expects me to know what is expected and allowed, if im not sure about something, i ask.

2)  Do you think it's because they are tedious?  just not particularly interesting? or just not his kink?

 its simply he doesnt see a need to, as said above he expects me to know what is acceptable and what isnt,  im sure he would find it very tedious very quickly if i had to keep asking to do every little thing, texting him while he is working to ask if i can go out? if i can eat? etc etc...nope, not his thing nor mine, not that i have anything against it i will add.

3)  Are there areas you wish he would step in more?

I had to think about this, and the fact that i had to think about it, leads me to saying no, there isnt.

4)  Areas he does take control - are they because they do interest him?

Yes but also because its more that i need it, and he recognises that i do, i do respond and thrive better under strict control, especially when i dont want it and try to fight it (bad slave) but thats when i need it the most, i will just come here and throw a tantrum when i think he is being unfair lol

5) He really cares that they are done a certain way? are a kink? because he just likes control? because its good for you?

 A combination of all of them to be honest, but if i had to choose one, it would be he just likes control

6) Are there things you wish he wouldn't want to control?

lol on first looking at this question all these things came to mind, minor things, not having to ask to use the bathroom,  masturbating/having an orgasm, im not allowed to even ask, i have to wait until permission is given, but then if he was to say 'you can masturbate/orgasm, use the bathroom whenever you want' im sure it would be a novelty at first, but one that would wear off very quickly and i wouldnt like it, so no, even the more bigger things it would be a no, because i do love and need to be controlled....its more important to me than any kinky activity.

*i was ready to hit publish, but then i wanted to clarify or rather explain something relevant to point 4, anticipating it might be picked up on.*

Why would i not want it/fight it if i acknowledge i love and need it.......because knowing you need something isnt the same as always wanting it, its like when he might be particularly harsh and i think he is being too strict, (in general, not just within kink)  i dont want it, generally because its not going my way (there i admitted it!) but when he is, i respond better in the long run.

thank you gg


  1. Wow, these were great questions and I enjoyed reading your answers Tori. It's funny isn't it, loving and needing the control, but not always liking it.

    I can relate to what you said about control over certain things being taken away. When our rules were dropped it was like a double edge sword, I missed having them.


  2. tori,
    Thank you for this answer. Control in some things or to some levels is one of those things that sometimes sounds very appealing and other times i think i couldn't possibly learn to accept. Probably a good thing that it's up to him in the end. I appreciate your take on it, especially how you feel it helps you.

  3. Control...control can be a kink and for me, I tend to think of it as his kink. But this post made me ponder if my need for his control is also a kink...enjoyed reading these answers so much. Thanks for sharing.