Saturday, 28 February 2015

What say you?

Monday..oops Sunday,  it will be March, and March is usually q&a month for blogland.  So i have been thinking back to last year, and the upcoming one, i am quite happy to answer questions about anything...not sports though....i have no knowledge of sports! i like asking as well, its a bit of fun, getting to ask things that perhaps dont crop up on peoples posts but one would still like to know.

However, no questions for the bossman! ta very muchly.

Of course with q&a month, one has to respect that for some people there may be a question they cant answer or dont want to for any given reason, and although i will try to answer the best i can, i cant guarantee the answer will make any sense lol

Last year, got my knickers in a twist, way past that now.  This place is mine, there is an understanding that i can write what i like, he reads the blog, and if he isnt particularly happy about something i might write, i soon know about it, but otherwise its very much my domain.

I realise now, that i didnt like him coming on my blog during last years q&a, but the reason was mostly because i had no control over what he was going to be asked, and certainly no control over what his reply would be.

So, it niggled me that i had no control over the content of what was going to be put on my blog, when i write, i perhaps might tone things down, like the recent s/m session we had, i missed a fair bit out, thats my choice, and he is so blunt, and has a "I couldnt care less what people think" attitude...i do care, i know i shouldnt, but i do.

At the time, last year, i was corresponding via email with a fellow blogger about this subject, and she said how its refreshing to hear from the other side, so to speak, and it is, i like it myself when i read others blogs and occasionally the other side does a post.

She suggested that perhaps i ask him to write a post on occasion, like quarterly, and initially i thought about it and then dismissed it because i would want control...

1) i would want to decide the topic
2) i would want full editing rights before hitting publish
3) if i didnt like it at all, it wouldnt get published at all

and i couldnt see him agreeing to that, well i know he wouldnt.

But now i feel a little differently, although still no questions for him, i think i might ask him if he would do a quarterly post, 4 a year, if of course he wants to... i will think on it.


  1. Well, I personally love hearing from the other side of things. They have a different perspective, and honestly nothing your Master could say would make me think bad things or any less of you. His previous answers were extremely interesting and respect-inducing, on the contrary.

  2. What ancilla said. I do appreciate any glimpses into the other side, especially with the context of knowing (somewhat) of your side of the same relationship. I do get what you say about having just this one place where you have control. But i also can't imagine thinking anything bad about you based on what he says.

  3. I really had fun reading everyone's Q & A's last year and I've been looking forward to it for a couple weeks now.

    I really wish I had that "I couldn't care less what people think" attitude!

  4. Hi Tori, I enjoy March Q&A and love hearing from the other side of the coin. It's always interesting to get their perspective. I agree with Ancilla about last year and your Master's answers. I do understand this being your place though.