Saturday, 15 September 2007

is it abuse?

When does being a slave become being an abused women?

something i read a while a back got my back up and its something i knew i had to address at some point so if i offend anyone tough ultimatley these are my opinions. I chose to be a slave and i chose to take this path with Him and to some extent these are where my choices ended. The limits i have are those that He has so anything other than those limits are not negotiable and lets be realistic its not like He is going to ask me to jump off a cliff or cut off my finger just had to point that out because there are some who do actually ask a slave if they would do that, maybe some would thankfully my Master is of a sane mind, sadistic yes but thats a whole different issue.

Obviously im biased of course i think He is great most if not all subs/slaves think their Masters are wonderful and due to the nature of M/s relationships the basis is on the slave pleasing their Master no matter of their own discomfort. But He is human and as such is capable of making mistakes just as any other human being does and there may be occasions when He makes a decision that isnt the right one and it has a negative and damaging effect on me. Now ultimatley as the responsibilty of my welfare lies with Him and i know Him and trust Him enough to know that He would never do anything intentionally that would have damaging effects, that should it happen i would think no less of Him.

So does this mean i am in a position of being vunerable to abuse or am i so blindsighted i dont realise i am actually being abused?

Well abuse to me is if He was to intentionally neglect my welfare and to have total disregard to the effects His actions or decisions have on me. No i may not agree with all what He may say or do and i may get upset on occasions and struggle to comply, but this is the role i have chosen to undertake and it cannot be half chosen to suit me. He is a sadist there are going to be times im in a lot of pain and im not liking it, there are going to be moments when He treats me like a common whore and i feel worthless but these are only parts of the whole picture.

Im happy with how i am developing, a few problems but overall its going well im certainly more happier now i have come to terms with being a slave and all that it entails, so am i a victim of abuse no do i like being abused absolutley and if someone doesnt know the difference between the two then they best not comment on something they dont understand.

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