Tuesday, 18 September 2007

age and intelligence

Well first day been and gone and it was bearable but then its early days, had some mail on collarme from a 20yr old domme which i replied to in a not very polite and respectful way but then when the initial introduction is "hello, i will show you how pain is pleasure" its hard to construct a decent response. Now i admit and always have that i do have an attitude problem when it comes to dominant women i find them difficult to relate to on any level, i have said to Master on several occassions women are natural bitches and dominant women even more so, i would go as far to say that they are probably more cruel than any man. I do admit though that this is mainly my instinct that makes me feel this way and looking through female dominants profiles its no wander, half of them are hardly out of there teens and the other half either want money or perfection okay maybe im exagerrating but it sure does seem this way.

Whilst i fully understand that everybody has to start somewhere to gain experience and i appreciate that it must be hard to be taken seriously in some cases especially the more younger you are the harder i believe you have to work to sell yourself to someone, unless someone is intentionally seeking someone with whom to develop together. Before i formally committed to Master i had the usual amount of mail (basically inundated) and a few from younger men and whilst i always replied i tried to be tactful in my reply without causing offence but they would always end up asking if it was their age that i was against.

It was their age that was a problem for me, im sure some of them were very nice and experienced but my preference is for older men at least 10yrs older than me and its not something i was willing to compromise on no matter how compatible they may have been. Its important to me that someone is experienced not only in bdsm but about life in general and is able to interest me outside of bdsm so i also wanted someone that was more intelligent than myself, and i would say im fairly intelligent certainly capable of holding my own in most conversations but i wanted someone i can learn from as well.

I also know that just because someone is older does not necessarily mean that they are experienced or indeed able to hold a conversation, i admit i do have quite a vicious tongue and can be a complete bitch which is not something im proud of as i do have a tendency to use this against someone whom is shall we say lacking upstairs. Do i think men are above women? no i dont but then neither do i believe in female supremecy, do i think im on an equal footing with Him? no i dont and i dont want to be we are not equal i defer to Him not the other way round. I do however see myself as equal to other dominants, im submissive by nature and therefore my demeanour reflects that but im not their sub/slave and i treat them as i would any other person, this is not only what i prefer but what Master prefers basically i am submissive only to Him unless specifically told otherwise.

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