Thursday, 20 September 2007

must be better im having pervy thoughts

I must be feeling better im having pervy thoughts, thinking of things i would like to do when im with Master, and im lucky that He does usually indulge me if i request something i would like to do probably because He enjoys it also. I think we are lucky that we are both compatible in the respect that we both have very perverted minds although He is definitley far worse than me and i thought i was bad enough, the more degrading something is the more arousing i find it and sometimes i get frightened about how far i/we could go. The one concern i do have is should some things be left to fantasy could trying something extreme that i fantasize about push me over the edge? and where does it end?

Im a firm believer in that what people (consenting adults) choose to do in private really cannot be regarded as being perverted, and even in bdsm there are aspects that may not appeal to some for example watersports, Master enjoys this a great deal and i do to a certain extent still coming to terms with drinking His piss but as a whole i enjoy it. I dont have any inclination to be involved in scat at all, i had a memo once from someone before i met Master saying that it was an activity they enjoyed, fair enough but its not for me yet i can understand the appeal.

I do find it sometimes disturbing that i relish the prospect of being degraded, i want to be used whether this be sexually or as an object to inflict pain on simply because He desires it, to be left bound until He wants to make use of me. I do admit though i couldnt handle this on an ongoing basis, a couple hours a whole day or evening yes but i would need the security of knowing that eventually i would be in bed in His arms and thats what makes it bearable and enjoyable because i know no matter if He chooses to treat me this way there is always a cuddle and reassurance at the end.

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