Monday, 17 September 2007

enemas and anal!!!

Well He is away for 2 weeks and today is the first day that contact will be at a minimum and im convinced its going to drag by, thankfully im working extra hours for 2 weeks which i dont usually do so im glad they coincided at least my mind will be occupied. Im trying to focus on meeting up when He gets back and i have been busy looking up on the internet for new toys, trouble is there is so much i would like im having problems narrowing the list down, definitley an enema kit is top of the list as the rule is i have to clean Him using my tongue after He has cum i figured this is a must have....dont think i need to elaborate on why.

On the subject of enema kits and i havent had one used on me before it is something im keen to try, i like the humiliation of it however it has occurred to me that as anal sex is something that we both enjoy and therefore tends to be a regular occurrence i thought its not likely that im going to be given an enema everytime and i must say umm well i dont fancy cleaning off something that has been in my ass, im wandering if i can state this comes under scat which is a hard limit, shall have to put this to Him when He comes home. I didnt think i would enjoy anal sex as much as i do and im glad that Master has decided it is something that is only between us, no one else will be allowed to use my ass, i think its important to retain some activities just for ourselves i wouldnt ever wanted to be handed over to someone to do with as they wish, i prefer to be only His to do with as He wishes.

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