Wednesday, 5 September 2007

im a number!!

I am a number, my Master has registered me on the Slave Register my number is 449-265-661 and i plan to have it engraved on a tag to wear. It means a lot to me and im very proud and happy to belong to Him, i know it wont always be easy especially when He is feeling particularly sadistic but the rewards are more than worth it even if i may not think that at the time. I just need a nice black collar now (yes Sir thats a hint) to attach the tag to when we are together and before i thought i would be concious of wearing one out and about but i dont anymore when im with Him i want to wear it regardless of what people may think.

He also mentioned getting my nipples and clit pierced and i thought it would be nice to have nipples done around our birthdays which are close together in November, im feeling quite positive about the prospect of having them done although i doubt i will feel that way as the time nears, He thinks once i have tried needles i will grow to enjoy them so maybe it wont be so bad, although i think i will try and delay having clit done for as long as i can get away with.

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