Saturday, 8 September 2007


I plan to go shopping tomorrow, He is away for the weekend and i miss Him as usual as contact is minimal so i plan to shop until i drop take my mind off things, might buy some items of clothing that He likes but generally just shop. Im going with a vanilla friend so it will be a nice girly day, shopping, lunch, gossiping more shopping, im looking forward to it i feel that in some ways i have negelected my friends not intentionally so it will be nice to spend some time with her on our own.

I dont talk about Him and bdsm in the vanilla world (as i call it) mostly because of my situation and its something that many people wouldnt understand and i dont see that i should have to justify myself, she is my only female vanilla friend that knows and she is very open minded so i can talk to her although even then only to a certain degree, i wouldnt want to taint our friendship by overloading her with details that she wouldnt understand, she finds it amusing and refers to it as kinky sex with extras which always makes me laugh if thats what she thinks and is happy with that then why elaborate.

I dont talk about my vanilla life here because i want this blog to be about how i am developing as a slave and my thoughts and feelings of us, the good times and the difficult times. Thankfully we havent had any problems that have caused us to lose sight of whats important, i cant speak for Him but to me its important to remember what brought us together and keeps us together. He is my friend, my lover, i can laugh with Him, take the piss (occasionally), but most important of all He is my Master.

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