Friday, 7 September 2007

new toys, new experiences

He has bought a new toy, wont tell me specifically what but i think it is definitley something electrical with attachments, possibly ones that are insertable, which i did a while back say i would like to try, note this was before i tried the electric box He has which is nice on a low setting but not so nice when set high. I could however be completley wrong but i have been thinking about it most of last night and cant see what else it could possibly be, He has said i will enjoy it which translates as i probably wont.

We have set a date to meet with a couple and now a date is actually confirmed im a little apprehensive i have got my head around the idea of serving a women sexually my only worry is that she will expect me to respond naturally and kiss and caress her i know i wouldnt be able to do that, in time yes but not now. If i had my way i would be blindfolded the whole time but i cant see Him agreeing to that but from my point of view it would make it easier, but then i think to a certain degree He is enjoying the fact that im not looking forward to it and therefore doesnt want to make it all too easy. I know i wouldnt be punished as long as i try my best and make an effort which i will so im not concerned that i would behave in any way to show Him up i wouldnt do that in any situation anyway.

Im feeling really great now that we have set a date to meet up i have missed Him and it seems to be a long time since we last saw each other, im looking forward to having a few hours on our own before meeting the couple, time hopefully spent well which for me is on my knees sucking His cock then a caning then a nice ass fucking, more caning ooh and breast torture fit that in somewhere and then off to meet the couple.

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