Tuesday, 26 March 2013

Shallow waters

I know my faults, i have a fair few but i also know what my strengths are, one of which is i am good at being good, i like doing as im told, of course im not always, i mess up etc and there are rare occassions albeit not many that i do disobey with intent, knowing that he wont be pleased.

Its not because i want punishment, if i want pain i can ask, but then punishments dont need to be of the physical kind..but either way its not the reason, punishment is not in any way fun or 'play' related here.

I certainly dont like disappointing or displeasing him..hence why i am good for the most part, and his expectations of me, the behaviour he likes etc are not unreasonable, sometimes yes in my mind i think he is being unfair but well he gets the final word...thats just the way it is and considering its his control and dominance, making the choices and decisions etc that make me feel secure, well i cant have my cake and eat it can i?

No.  Its rather when it comes to opinions, expressing them that is, not with him, but well here in blogger.

So im fiercely protective of my blog, its my 'voice', where i can express myself, i very much see it as being my domain, which is fine by him, he is content to let me blog away.  Then something might occur and i realise how little privacy i have from him, and although its my blog he can and would if he was of the mind to.....take it away for a period of time.

I am opinionated, he has no issue with that at all, he never makes me feel that my opinions, feelings, thoughts are invalid, that they dont matter, and we dont always agree on everything (and by everything i mean just that..world famine, politics etc for example) and thats ok, we just have to agree to disagree.

What i say here, my thoughts, opinions etc are still encouraged, but the same rules apply within the blog as they do out of it, and sometimes that means his word is final on a choice/decision he may make in respect of blogging...which i dont agree with and being good sort of goes out the window.


  1. oh dearie... is this you acting out then?

    or merely ruminating?

    *hugs* I hope all is still well.

    1. "acting out"...well i dont know what you could possibly mean by that lol

      All is well, im just contemplating.


  2. tori,

    Ditto what fondles said. I do not want to lose another blogger friend, especially someone as courageous and outspoken as you.


    1. ooh im not going anywhere...well not that i know of!

      I did have break a couple of years ago that ended up being 3 years..lol but no im honestly just reflecting on that i should do as im told here.

      ps its being outspoken that can be a catalyst for getting into trouble lol