Saturday, 30 March 2013

A bit of advice (vanilla)

When in a rush getting ready to go out, realise you have forgotten something up in the bedroom, it is not recommended to try pulling a jumper on over your head at the same time as going up a flight of wooden stairs.

What happens is you lose a sense of balance and concentration, and end up losing a step, falling down, ending up in casualty with concussion, a broken finger, sprained ankle and well a selection of bruises that in other circumstances i would be proud to be wearing!

On the plus side it means getting to chill out on the sofa to rest ankle, and sore head, sit and read books that one has been meaning to get around to for ages and watch other peoples 'drama' on the know Jerry Springer type shows...seriously those could get addicting!   especially waiting to hear the dna results to find out if Charnell's baby belongs to her husband or the car mechanics (petes), and petes wife is waiting to hear the results as well...not that i have been watching it a lot you understand!

So yeah im 'off duty' for a sure the novelty will wear off soon enough.


  1. Holy crap!
    *Hands over the "I can accidentally fuck my shit up better than anybody" award, and bows before the new queen*

    Seriously though, I hope your recovery is swift. Sounds pretty brutal.

  2. Lol at what lil wrote! Luckily mouse wasn't drinking anything when she read that. But the snort was audible.

    That said, please be careful and seriously hope you feel better soon! Can't imagine what your Bossman thought. Know exactly how Daddy would be tho.


  3. I'm just shaking my head because that sounds like something I would do. Hope your not out of commission for too long and btw what was the result of that DNA test?

  4. Ack! I hope you are better soon!

  5. Sheesh! I hope you get well soon!

  6. Ouch!
    I hope you heal up quickly from the luxury of your sofa. Reality shows are dangerous, once they've got their claws in you.....

  7. If everything around me is fool-proofed and covered in bubble wrap, I find a way to get hurt. Worst one was the night before a long flight for vacation I had the big dog on a leash to go out and was putting on my coat while answering the phone and opening the door. Squirrel in yard, leash around my ankle somehow, dog takes off, flipped me in the air and crashed down on edge of brick stairs. Yup, two cracked ribs for my trip!

  8. Oh Tori, so sorry this happened, truly hoping you feel better soon.

    Spent half medical leave watching those shows, they really suck you in.

  9. Get well soon, ouch!! sounds like it hurts!!
    Awww Tori :(


  10. Do walls jump out at you as well? I swear they move.

    I love watching to see if Sha Na Na's baby is one of the 5 different men she brings on. It usually isn't and then she brings on 5 more, same outcome and so on and so on.

    Take it easy.