Tuesday, 7 August 2007

the weekend!!!

The weekend has been and gone and i have some bruising but not as much as last time which is annoying me, although i will admit to be amused at the fact He has a sore cock which i hold no responsibilty for.

I got my own way as i got to suck His cock before any pain, although i guess it wasnt really my own way as it was what He wanted anyway, but it wasnt long before i was made to bend over His lap and get spanked (i am never going to say spankings dont hurt again) it hurt a lot and im going to have a sacrificial burning of my sandals which is appropriate as when He used one on me it felt like my ass was on fire in a not nice way. I finally found out what He had bought and then wished i hadnt, its a whip which is used in dressage for horses, it hurts i dont like it at all, although it does leave nice marks, it curls at the end and thats what i dont like about it, catches on the thigh and i just want to get away from it.

We didnt do a lot of what we had planned but then i havent any complaints apart from the fact i only got caned once and i love the cane, well no thats not entirely true and its hard to explain to myself what i love about it, because my ass really hurt and i didnt know if i could handle any more of it but yet i would have taken more and i think thats what i like, i enjoy having to submit to more of something that i may not particularly want at that time, especially the cane, i was mortified when He put it away.

I think i shall have to get some better nipple clamps, as we found out they are not suitable for adding weights to them, they kept pulling off which i found amusing as well as frustrating as i want to try weights. As for the inflatable butt plug i would be very content if it never came near my ass again but as thats not likely to happen i guess theres no point in dwelling on it, i was really chuffed though as on the Sunday morning we had anal sex with me on top and i came not once but twice i loved it.

All in all it was a good weekend, and dare i say it (will probably regret it) but even the belt wasnt that bad and i could have taken more and a lot harder, i think although i have a long way to go in respect of how much pain i can handle and with what i do definitley need it and want it.

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