Monday, 20 August 2007

my pain is always His pleasure

Im sitting writing this in a moderate amount of pain. i have clamps applied to nipples with a chain leading from these to labia clamps, it causes discomfort should i move suddenly and the chain pulls. He sent me a message to prepare the inflatable butt plug as well as the clamps as He wished to hurt me and He did, the plug hurt a lot and it was intensified by the pain in nipples as well as labia. Its difficult to describe the pain but its much like as it sounds, the plug filling my ass and stretching to levels of discomfort, the clamps biting into skin and knowing that the pain will intensify once more when they are removed.

He instructed i should remove the plug as it was ie. inflated and i tried to beg but He was not having it and so i pulled it out that was uncomfortable and as i sit here my ass is throbbing it feels open which of course it is. I was allowed to masturbation and as usually i was wet, still am and the climax was a good one a very good one, i sometimes hate the way my body betrays me but as much as i may dislike the pain its obvious it arouses me a great deal.

I do enjoy suffering for His pleasure in the respect that it is a reminder of what i am and keeps me grounded in my place. Even when it may be at times someone else inflicting pain on me or indeed pleasure ultimatley it is for Him only and at His will.

i love you very much Sir

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