Thursday, 16 August 2007

a rant about mail and such

I have become definitley more jaded in how i respond to people that may write mail to us, and as its usually me that has more time i tend to reply first although depending on the circumstances i will ask Him to if it appears that it may be leading somewhere. I am trying hard not to become to despondent as i met Him through ic so im pretty sure there are genuine people out there but i have taken to becoming sarcastic or blunt which is not something im proud of.

Yesterday i received some mail which i replied to and if im honest i wasnt in the frame of mind to pander to someones whims so i was abrupt and said i had no wish to speak to him. However the mail continued back and forth as i do find it very hard to let someone have the last word (not very submissive like i know) and in this case his perserverence paid off he made me laugh, although this does not mean he has a better chance of getting in my knickers which i know are his intentions but i was amused that he was upfront about it, and i actually prefer that approach than someone beating about the bush.

What has come to my attention though is that it seems that the majority naturally assume they are speaking to me, yet the profile states we are a couple so there is the possibility He could respond, yet very few have asked to whom they are speaking to. I do enjoy talking to people but another point that occurred to me is if their main objective is to be involved with me and Him in some way then they are really talking to the wrong person, and to me its a matter of respect that they would go through Him first before approaching me if this is indeed their intentions, it would certainly save a lot of wasted time.

I do appreciate that because as i said in first paragraph it is normally me who has more time to respond then usually i will be the first contact unless they have specifically addressed Him, yet funnily enough this has never happened, and it wouldnt offend me, a couple that we have been communicating with made it clear that they wished to go through Him albeit in a inconspicuous way but i picked up on it and as such from now on any communication will be with them and Him.

Maybe i just expect to much from people

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