Saturday, 11 August 2007

online behaviour!!!!

As im a restless person and a night owl i have taken in the last few weeks to popping into chatrooms, i dont tend to speak much just listen and half the time its not interesting, but i found one room which i popped into and i dont know why but i liked it, and i have gone there quite frequentley in the past week. It is a bdsm chatroom and as with all online encounters you take the risk of meeting wankers or those who are not who they say they are, but i have been chatting to someone on there who is interesting and we have chatted in general not just about bdsm but outside of it as well. I was asked by someone else in the room if i am allowed to chat to others in respect of it being a bdsm room and does it cause feelings of jealousy.

I replied that if i were not allowed then i would not be in the room chatting in the first place and as it should be with most relationships especially in regards to M/s trust should already be established and therefore jealousy is not an issue, however i do take into consideration certain elements, if someone should ask for my personal email or im details i always in the first instance refuse, if i have chatted to this person for a while and they asked i would ask Him permission first.

This is not because He expects me to it is not something we have discussed but in regards to anyone whom i talk to in bdsm circles if i was to give them my im details it would be because they have interested me and therefore to me it is a matter of respect that He is aware of this, and when i say "interest me" i mean in the respect that they can hold an intelligent conversation.

On this note it led to a discussion on how a sub/slave should behave when talking to others whether they be sub or Dom, and to me its fairly simple, i will treat all with respect until they act in a way for me to lose it, how i respond to someone, my behaviour and attitude are in some ways a reflection on Him so therefore i behave accordingly. I have i will admit been at times abrupt on replying to memos that we have received but as He has not called me up on it then i can only assume He did not have a problem with how i responded. If someone has a problem with me and so far i have not upset someone to that degree then i would have no problem with telling them to take it up with Him, and then just sit back and hope He agrees with me.

Im not a fan of roleplaying in chatrooms, it holds no appeal but i do enjoy a good conversation and bottom line is they are there just for know some take it very seriously and fine if thats what works for them, but i much prefer the reality.

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