Thursday, 9 August 2007


I definitley do not identify in any way, shape or form as a switch, im quite content as i am, i have no inner need to dominate anyone yet i have received the odd piece of mail on collarme from male subs asking me to do god knows what to them, and i find myself thinking (albeit after laughing my ass off) would i, could i enjoy it. It is not something i have any wish to find out, i have discovered i have little tolerance of most male subs, although i dont wish to brand them all the same but the ones i have come accross are pathetic in their approach and if anything the only thing i would want to do to them is castration.

He has said on some occassions that there may be a time when He would want me to use/abuse another women for His pleasure, i havent really pursued this subject it doesnt interest me and i would find it difficult, i wouldnt enjoy hurting someone its not in my nature and as much as i detest the idea of another women abusing me even in that situation i wouldnt want to "switch" im very comfortable with being on the receiving end.

I obviously cant say for sure how i would react as i have not been put in that situation and i could well be wrong there is a very small possibiltity i could enjoy hurting someone but do i really want to find out? no because im still discovering myself as a slave and as a masochist and i dont want to risk becoming confused about what i am, when im beginning to understand what i am.

Im not sure if any of this makes sense, but it does to me

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