Thursday, 30 August 2007


I have become very obsessed lately with the whole idea of objectification and dehumanization, i have touched on the subject before but now its something that is really attracting most of my attention. I have looked up lots of information on the subjects because i wanted to define the distinction between the two and the effects of dehumanisation specifically. The references i have found are appropriate to how they mean to me.

Objectification : of a person. That is, seeing them as a sexual object, and emphasizing their sexual attributes, while de-emphasizing their existence as a living person with emotion and feelings of their own

Dehumanization: is the psychological process of degrading the slave, making them seem less than human and hence not worthy of humane treatment

I cant explain exactly why i find them so appealing but i think its because i know i enjoy humiliation and these are steps further and i can understand how it does not appeal to everyone as it severely limits communication, for example denying eye contact and speech means i would be unable to communicate with Him at all unless He chooses to communicate with me. I dont think it would make me a better slave necessarily but i do think it would improve my temperment especially when faced with situations im uncomfortable with and more importantly i think a harsh lesson to remind me of my place and make me more appreciative when He does indulge me.

Ultimatley i just find the whole idea hot and cant wait to put it into practice.

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