Monday, 29 September 2014

Tut Tut Tut

Well, one anon played the game, i suppose one is better than none, but im not giving on a mission!

So, i said i would publish the questions and i will, but only 3, which i think is only fair!

anon asked

"does your Master's sadism ever concern you at times?, you say sometimes you wander how far your masochism will take you, what about him?"

No, not really, i think what makes the difference is that he is that much more experienced than i am, there isnt that i know of anything s/m wise that he has not done that he wants to do, whereas for me i still have lots of areas that i would like to explore.

I say not really, because the only concern, but im not sure i would call it a concern, more a case of overthinking on my part, is am i giving him what he needs s/m wise, i do think sometimes he would like to take me further, faster than im ready to.

He has never said as such, its just a feeling i get sometimes when we are playing and im at my limit, i sense that he is wanting to give me more, and although he will push me, he wont take me to breaking point, there is nothing to be gained by that, he wants me keen for more, in these times when i sense that this is the case it bothers me because i want to be able to take it, to give him what he needs.

But i try not to dwell on it because he reassures me that i do give him what he needs.

He does not worry about how far his sadism will take him, not now, well not that i know of,  he did many years ago he has said, similar conflicts to what i have had but from the other perspective, but now he just says its a part of who he is, its as simple as that.

anon see here the problem? is this the same anon, a different one, even just giving yourself a name, any name, use your imagination, would help in knowing.

"Would love to hear about a sex scene between the 2 of you, what you or he likes etc?"

Well, quite frankly im shit about talking about sex scenes, besides sometimes less is more lol

I like my sex brutal, but not all the time, sometimes i want his tenderness, a combination of the two together can be awesome as well, where he will start off tender, and i as i relax into it, he will turn...i love that, i like that i cant predict where its going.

I do love exploring his body, no matter how well i know it, i never tire of it, i know what parts of his body are his hot spots....not just his cock!  i love, love licking his ass, i think perhaps because of how he responds to it, and he loves that i love it.

I love anal sex, more than i do usual sex, especially if he uses little lube or none at all, i like the feeling of it being uncomfortable, painful, i cum more easily through anal sex than i do usual sex.

He likes it how he likes it, which is however he feels at the time, in the mornings he will sometimes just take what he wants, its about sating his needs, sometimes he likes to spend time teasing me, until im begging him to fuck me.....sometimes it involves toys, sometimes it doesnt.


  1. Just a hint for those who don't want to make a profile for what ever reason- my Master also doesn't care to make a profile, but he comments on my blog as anonymous anyway, and just signs his posts so that I know it is him and not some random stranger.

  2. Enjoyed reading your answers Tori, ah yes, sm I giving him what he wants ... sounds familiar lol.