Wednesday, 24 September 2014


Because im such a dumbo at times, as those that know me say, academically great, common sense....what common sense! i would be offended if it wasnt for the fact that im inclined to agree with them.

It all started very innocently (as these things do!) on Monday morning when i went to the local bakery, they had made this new bread, sounded rather yummy, a rye bread with cranberries and oranges,  picked up a loaf thinking that will be nice for lunch, toasted.

Finished up other bits of shopping, headed home, set about getting lunch sorted, and....the bread is a large loaf, the slices wont fit in the toaster.....i will not be beaten...not by a loaf of bread anyway, so on a mission, armed with a ruler...yes i am that anal, i head back into buy a new toaster.....i know, exciting life i lead.

Well, a challenge indeed, the majority of toasters are standard slot size, im pretty sure people were looking at me thinking im a nut job as i went around measuring toasters, but i actually found one in an independent store, and snapped it up, ok, a bit pricey for a toaster....but slice of bread would fit in it!

So, get home, and toast my bread, which as it turns out is not very nice at all toasted, better just as bread, but never mind, got a shiny new toaster, and i get greeted with...

"Why have we got a new toaster?"....really! what man notices these sorts of things....ok so it is quite a large size and in bright yellow (there was no other colour...hmm perhaps i could redecorate the kitchen around the toaster colour?)  ah but i have been banned from decorating for 6 months! unreasonable.

So i relay what happened, the look on the face, can only be translated as utter bewilderment or perhaps 'crazy bitch'...i think i shall go with bewilderment.

"I see, so it didnt occur to you to cut the slice in accordingly, or perhaps use the grill in the oven?"

"ummmmm.....nope.... duh! but

we have a new toaster!"

goes off shaking his head.


  1. Sounds like something I would do LOL.

  2. Bahahaha before I even got to the end I was like...why didn't she just use the oven? As a side note, my father refuses to buy a toaster. He says there is a perfectly good oven, why would we need a toaster? I just can't even...

  3. Oh Tori, there are soooo many better things you can do with a ruler.😈

  4. I love that you are now thinking of decorating around the new toaster. That is how we like to roll in our house.

  5. A new toaster to fit the bread, a new kitchen to fit the toaster, love it!

  6. LoL Tori, I love it! Sounds like something I might do! Least you got a nice nee toaster out of it :) Shame the bread didn't turn out so good toasted after all lol


  7. lol - standard toaster! no such thing. Why is it they never actually take a whole slice, there is always a bit sticking up. I'm terrible for kitchen appliances, eyeing up all the features, comparing them on websites. P isn't interested in fancy features or colour. The last time I bought a kettle, i picked one to match the worktop.
    Now you'll have to redecorate :)

  8. This is so funny! LOL. I just fry those fat breads in the frying pan.

  9. Oh wow...that's totally something mouse would do!

    We have a toaster....actually it was Omega's it's long and narrow, but will comfortably hold two pieces of long bread, or 4 regular slices....They don't make the style anymore and haven't for a long time but mouse refuses to give it up because... toasts the big slices. Or the bagels...Or almost anything else...The thing is awesome and mouse simply dreads replacing it.


  10. I would do do the same thing. This had me laughing.

  11. What can i bonkers at times, but clearly im not alone in this way of thinking lol

    its a damn nice toaster though!