Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Service within M/s

anon asked...what anon,,,who knows!

"what is meant by service in a Master/slave relationship?"

I can only say what it means to us, or rather from my perspective.

Putting all kink and sexy times aside, service for me is pretty much everything else, im putting these aside because i believe there has to more than those to keep the dynamic thriving, because its just not all about the kink, or rather it isnt for us.

Being of service can be many things, keeping the home tidy, having a nice dinner ready when he gets home from work, dealing with paperwork, knowing his preferences...what drink he might like at dinner, having the newspaper set out by his chair, anything really that makes his life that bit easier or more comfortable.

I like being of service, i enjoy and get a lot of satisfaction from looking after him, even in what might seem like trivial ways, if he has had a shitty/bad day at work i want to ensure that he can come home to a relaxing stress free environment, a nice massage perhaps or a drink on hand, just to sit at this feet and listen to his day.

Its also about doing the things that i might not be particularly enthusiastic about, or feel like doing at the time, but yet its seeing to his needs, or rather acting accordingly to his preferences, but i do try to take pleasure in being of service because i want to please him.

Besides im of the mind that being submissive isnt just about what i like and want to do, and i know it might be a controversial idea to some but pleasing him comes before my own wants and needs, but yet it does fill my wants and needs because of the need and want i have to be pleasing.

I do think service is an important part of an M/s dynamic, because it adds a layer to the power exchange, that its not all about kink and sex, he takes care of me in so many ways, being of service allows me to give that back.

What i can have problems with in this area is anticipating his needs and acting accordingly but yet not making assumptions.


  1. I love this Tori, very well said. I love doing those seemingly small things, that actually aren't so small too snd sitting at his feet. It's definitely not only about the kink and sex.


  2. Great Post and I really needed to read it- so thank you. A great reminder of what the big picture is and what really is important.


  3. I've been pondering the service side of submissive lately and one thing that I know, in my dynamic, is that I am rewarded for service - really the more I give the more I get. H hates to be one-upped on who does more for the other. So, that is the benefit to me. But still, even with clear benefits, I struggle with this one too.

  4. I LOVE this post! Sharing it with my Mistress. Thank you so much.

  5. You have been so loyal. I love this post too. I should have learn from you.

  6. Love this Tori! "...he takes care of me in so many ways, being of services allows me to give that back."
    Right there, this part. So much yes!