Monday, 8 September 2014

Play with my mind

Joey asked about the mind games the bossman does with me.

I like being taunted, especially during s/m or humiliation, i think its because in those moments its the fear aspect...will he, wont he and not knowing either way where it will go, panicking, thinking he wouldnt do that to me? would he? he wouldnt go that far....but maybe he will!

What scares me the most though is sometimes, the things he says excite me, although im still fearful, in fact i think at times mindfucks are a good way of getting into my head, he can read me so well, even when i deny that i find something exciting.

So this is an example of what does it for me....


"Perhaps I should nail your tits to the floor, that would keep you on your knees"

and immediately im pleading, begging, bloody terrified that he will do this, genuinely scared because he has done it before, (not on me) so i know its a possibility.


"no, please, im being good, i will do anything you want, but please not that"


"but you havent been good, you were told to stay on your knees and you did not, yes you will do whatever I want now, and now I want to nail those tits to the floor"

and im crying, im kneeling now!

and he gets some nails and a small hammer, and im near on hysterical at this point, promises pouring out my mouth, clutching at his legs, sobbing, begging

"kneel right down, I want those tits to the floor"

and its funny, well not funny, but through the fear, crying etc i do it, still begging, well its more gabbling at this moment, struggling to find something, anything to say that might save me....

He crouches down, and im terrified, im not ready for this, his hand grabs my tit, and he just yanks it, pulling me up to my feet..

"look at me" he demands

"if this happens again, and you do not stay kneeling when told, this (and he is gesturing towards the nails) will not stop here as it has now"

and i have learnt the hard way, when he makes a threat, he will carry it out

But yeah, that sort of mindfuck, where i really believe he would, is what gets me going, its not so much that i want what he is saying, but its the fear that i love.


  1. "But yeah, that sort of mindfuck, where i really believe he would, is what gets me going, its not so much that i want what he is saying, but its the fear that i love."

    That sums it up exactly!

  2. Oh yes, the mind fuck ... the fear. Hate it! LoL Rick likes to taunt sometimes during play. I honestly don't know how I feel about it.


    1. lol. the mindfuck certainly does have that love/hate feel about it


  3. oh this is so interesting because while I LOVE a good mind fuck, I realise I have to know, at some level, that it is 'just' a mind fuck otherwise I can't let go and really feel the fear. If you see what I mean.

    Sort of like... I can only let go and scream happily on a roller coaster if I'm confident all the nuts and bolts are up to spec and I'm not ACTUALLY going to plummet to my death!

    I think it's because, in a real crisis, I don't feel fear really - it may well be there but I don't experience it properly, I shut it all down and deal with the situation.

    That also maybe why I love fear play so much, come to think of it. Because I can actually fully experience it - and fully enjoy that adrenaline kick of course!

    1. Yep i get what you mean, although for me im the opposite, for me i have to know its a possibility, the that he might actually do it, if i knew for a fact that he would not, then it loses its appeal to me.

      I need the fear that its a possibility.


  4. Lately, I have come across so many posts, containing weird and wild and strange mis-information on what a mindfuck their opinions....
    And I wish I could direct all those misguided ones to this post.

    I think, the whole, knowing it is a real possibility/believing it could happen, versus being manipulated into thinking something is real that isn' key and a huge difference.

    1. Yes!!!!

      i need to know it could well happen, that he might do it, if i knew it was no way going to happen at all....the effect would not be the same.

      thank you


  5. This post was so perfectly worded! xx