Saturday, 30 June 2012

Like the Mary Celeste

I woke up this morning really late nearly eleven when i got up..shame on me but it was bliss, and the house was (and still is yeahhh) empty and unusually quiet what the fuck is going on, Saturday morning its normally a buzz of activity.  I thought i better get on the phone and track down where everyone was and they have all gone out for the day apparently to give me a break and to let me get on with things which is really appreciated, coming up to the end of the summer term and im at my most busiest well Christmas coming in a close second, paperwork, planning and such and i have been working late all week.

So jumped straight in the shower and then set to work and just being able to go about and get on with no distractions was just what i needed, the upstairs in the house are all hoovered, cleaned etc, i have gotten through 7 school reports only another 15 to go sigh...done most of my planning for next week so now well now im typing this (i need a break) and really what i really want is to be able to go up and lie on the bed and masturbate but im not allowed..he isnt too pleased with me at the moment because my recent behaviour hasnt been too good so im being denied pleasure.

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