Monday, 11 June 2012

Boring obedience

My mate suggested to me that it must get pretty boring having to do as im told all the time, and i guess i can sort of understand how it can be seen that way, of course the key word is 'having' i dont have to, i want to coz well i like being controlled and dominated.  Im not missgoodytwoshoes i have my moments..the drastic hair cut comes to mind! but yea i guess you could say that the majority of the time i am good and i strive to be.

I know the bossman can come accross as being really strict and set in his ways and thats because he is, but i need and want this it provides me with security and i know where the boundries are, if i choose to cross those boundries im also fully aware of the consequences...and he is very hot on the "actions have consequences" theme.   Punishments arent nice, there not meant to be, but i need them and accept them when they occur because for me i need it to restore the balance if you will, to have a clean slate, they are not given on a whim and its generally when i have been deliberatly disobedient or behaved in a way that is not pleasing and i should have known better.

Thankfully i dont get punished very often, certainly not at much as i used to in the thats progress right?  i guess because he is set in his ways and carries through on what he says im under no illusions of what behaviour is acceptable and what isnt.

Thats not to say its a piece of cake it isnt, sometimes i think his decisions are completley unreasonable and i will say as much, sometimes albeit very rarely he will reconsider after listening to what i have to say but if his mind is made up there is no budging the will be as he said...this can be annoying, frustrating and bloody antagonising but i know where i stand....mouse's suitcase situation came to mind as i typed that.

He likes obedience..i know what a revelation..a dominant man liking obedience!, so he doesnt find it boring me doing as im told all (ok most) of the time, he likes things to fit into place..including me..does this make him sound stuffy like? yes i guess it does but another way of looking at it is he is a man that knows what he likes and wants and how he wants it done.....he likes control and order....oooh another revelation.

He doesnt like his authority being challenged or dictated it shouldnt need to be because by now control is firmly established through the build up of trust, consistency and having those boundries in place...this doesnt mean i dont struggle against it because i do on occassions.

Im not making a good argument in defence of why it isnt boring..but i guess you will either get it or you wont.  Not that i explained all this to the friend because its well not easy to explain, im not even sure i actually achieved any sort of explanation..much like many of my posts they go off on a tangent.

ETA by no means is the bossman perfect and im certainly not, sometimes unexpected change occurs which is out of either or both of our control, everyone is prone to mistakes, errors in judgement.


  1. If I rebel against Daddy he gets a different attitude. I can tell that he's annoyed, even if he doesn't say a word. He LOVES to control me, and if I don't submit to him, it's upsetting to our relationship. He'd still love me, but he adores it when joyfully submit to him and thankfully, most of the time, I love, love, love being submissive and it just makes me so happy I feel like squirming with happiness inside.


    1. hi kitty

      yep its so much better when the submission comes naturally without fighting against it...its just not always that easy lol

      tori x

  2. Totally get what you're saying!!


    1. hi ya mouse

      well im glad someone does!

      tori xx