Tuesday, 19 June 2012

When they dont find it funny...dont provoke a sadist

The bossman has a habit of saying "uh hu" when im talking trivial shit or building up to what i believe is a good line of reason to get him to change his mind about something, it irritates the life out of me because its dismissive but i do chuckle, obviously if i have something important to say then i dont get that response.  So today i replied to him in conversation with "uh hu" he was/is not amused, i meant it in a witty amusing way because he does it to me but it wasnt recieved in the way i intenteded...do as i say not as i do comes to mind....and oh yes i know all about that because being a parent i use that line to...but anyway he didnt find it funny, he considered it disrespectful.

It was minor, i have learnt to be careful about biting off more than i can chew.

I suspect many have read or perhaps even some have dared to taunt their dominant with those witty quips you know the ones like "you hit like a girl" or "have you started yet" etc etc i have read these and i have giggled but being a coward and having learnt a lesson in the past i dont say them not to the bossman.

He doesnt like bratty behaviour and those witty quips are what he would call being bratty, i call them amusing and perhaps playful or having fun, yes of course its knowing when its appropriate to have fun and when its not and that comes down i guess to knowing each other well enough to know where the line is drawn but even then sometimes what i find witty he clearly doesnt.

I dont cry easily not from pain alone, no im not some hard ass i cry more from emotions such as the times he has expressed his disappointment in me i inevitably end up in tears, i dont like him seeing me crying it makes me feel weak and vunerable although i have learnt that this is not the case, but it used to bug me that i seemed unable to cry from pain alone because im damn sure it hurt.

So in one of my finer moments (not) a  long while back we was relaxed and talking and thinking myself clever and funny i passed comment that he couldnt make me cry, it was meant lightheartedly he took it as a challenge and i didnt intend it that way, or maybe i did, perhaps subconciously i was looking to 'play' but certainly was not meant in a provoking way.

He secured me to the cross and used a single tail on my back, i didnt get as far as 4 lashes and the tears were flowing..there was no 5th mission was accomplished, at that point in our relationship it was well beyond what i could handle up to then he had just used floggers building my tolerance level up and up and he had never used that whip before on me full stop.....i cant say im too fond of it now either.

I dont think its wise to provoke a sadist in general, they enjoy pushing the boundries, the limits, seeing the distress, the tears, hearing the begging to stop if anything it compels them more... im not saying this implies to all.


  1. Ouch. Interesting that he would pay so much attention to things you say though.

    1. He pays more attention to what im saying than i think he is at times even when i am talking drivel lol


  2. Well it definately applies to me. I know the begging sometimes makes it longer and worse but at that particular moment even though I know it I can't stop myself from doing it, and I must admit when all is said and done it turns me on that my begging does nothing to deter him.

    On another note I have crossed that line from playful witty to disrespect but don't realize it until I'm on the wrong side.

    1. I think they like the begging though, i know my Master does because when im to the point of begging it demonstrates to him how desperate i am for him to stop, it gives him an idea of where im at in relation to getting or going past breaking point because it can vary from session to session.

      Begging doesnt necessarily mean he will stop and yes thats hot lol

      tori xx