Friday, 22 June 2012

How long is a piece of string?

I have been asked by people "how much does it hurt" i have said it myself to people but its really one of those questions that does not have an exact answer, i have had a tattoo done and didnt find that painful but it depends on where its done, size, i have had 2 children both casareans (i cant give birth naturally) it was uncomfortable but i wouldnt say painful, i hate the dentist it hurts, i have had my legs waxed and screamed blue murder, i have stubbed my toe and cried like a baby....there are so many variables...but mostly in regards to s/m how can you define how much something cant.

I do find it fascinating how people relate to pain in different ways, how much it varies depending on mood, and in a womens case time of the month, there does seem to be no constant, he can use the same implement on me one day and i will be fine, use it another day and i will struggle to cope with it, so it could hurt in a nice hurt way or a bad hurt way but i struggle to be more specific than that.

Its like the cane which tends to be one of those implements that is feared, but much like most implements its dependent on other factors, what type of cane, part of the body, how hard, warm-up, no warm-up but most of all where the persons headspace is both the person wielding it and the one recieving...and of course a persons level of pain tolerance.  The cane is  my most favourite implement, when allowed to choose i dont know why he asks because he knows i will choose it.

Given a choice between an over the knee spanking and a caning i would opt for the caning (more specifically a caning i like, he knows what i like)  every time, people have said the cane hurts more but i would disagree, i find an over the knee spanking more distressing, humiliating and to me it hurts but this is more because of the way it makes me feel rather than it necessarily being really painful in comparision to other implements.

How much does it hurt? how long is a piece of string?


  1. Great answer to that question, I may have to borrow it, lol. I get asked that a lot about my tattoo's, I have several :)

    1. lol i do ask it myself and i dont know why because well there is no answer.

      tori x

  2. Pain, it seems, is relative to whatever is going on at the moment -- at least it is for mouse.

    And yes, mouse completely agrees with the over-the-knee spanking.


  3. yep i think the environment plays a large part, it does fascinate me, and otk well i just dont get it, its horrid! but i appreciate for some they love it.

    tori x