Friday, 29 June 2012

The diversity of this community

I love how blogging brings together a cross selection of people that are engaged in an alternative lifestyle and the differences or similiarities between them, one common trait seems to be that there is more general acceptance of others lives even if its not something that would appeal there is respect that thats what does it for them and personally i find it interesting, i like the different perspectives.

I tend to come accross other blogs via comments in one blog, if i read a blog i always read the comments others have put, if one of the comments resonantes with me on some level or im just being nosy i will click on it to go to their blog and so on.and ultimatley you end up with a pool of different relationships that have a common thread ie ttwd.  I dont necessarily comment on all the blogs posts i follow but i do read them mostly, there are times some pass me by.

What prompted this post actually was kitty at and her comment to my last post, what i engage in and the type of relationship im in isnt to everyones taste and as i follow kitty's blog i could imagine that elements of it wouldnt be to her liking but there isnt anything wrong with that, there was no judgement on kitty's part and i found that refreshing to be honest.

Its a far cry from bdsm or lifestyle sites, chatrooms and forums, it is i think more real and more representative of people lives for the most part.  I started blogging as an outlet for my thoughts etc and that is still a reason why i blog but also because i realise its good to be part of a community where you can laugh with people (not at them) and their adventures, feel sadness, be happy for them and although many in the community will never meet face to face you do in a strange way consider some of them friends.


  1. I have blogged for years, though not in relation to this lifestyle. I have come across the odd troll and unpleasant person along the way, but generally have made some great friends. I am new to this particular community, but so far, i have to admit, i have learned loads and 'met' some great people. I am fascintated by people's lifestyles and while as you say not all of us would want to live everyone's life, it is great that people seem prepared to respect each other's choices.

    1. hi Joolz

      Its a good place or at least im finding it to be and yep i have learnt things, had my thoughts questioned and i like that.

      tori x

  2. It is different here isn't it?
    I think it took me a year to get up the courage to comment on a blog. But I haven't been bitten yet! lol.

  3. hi lil

    Yep it is and in a good way, i love the fact that reading peoples blogs sometimes may me look at things in a different light and in ways i hadnt considered.

    tori x