Sunday, 1 April 2012

Not as bad it sounds.....a reply

A comment i made on a blog has prompted some questions and im going to try to answer them as straightforwardly as i can...i know i can go off on a tangent at times so bear with me kiki lol  Without you having a blog i am unable to get an idea of whether your active in this lifestyle or not so if anything i say comes accross as patronising it is not intended and nor is any offence meant.

Needles were a hard limit for me so i can understand peoples apprehension or fear of them, i was scared of them and they held no interest me, that changed in time and curiosity got the better of me and i asked to try them.  I think this was a combination of our relationship being well established by this time and with that trust and also perhaps more importantlyi felt safe in my submission and with him to want to have my limits pushed.

When i made that comment saying its not as bad as it sounds (ie needles through the nipples) i meant in comparison to clamps, clamps i find the pain lingers and depending on the types of clamps depends on the severity...and they hurt again when they are removed.   Wheras with needles its an intial sharp pain and then that is it, once they are in and when they are removed there is no pain and personally i find this sensation more pleasurable than clamps plus i do enjoy seeing blood...i find that very erotic. 

When googling needle play in bdsm i imagine it will bring up very many different images, because there are many different ways that needles can be used, and there are different sized gauges of needles, some decorative and some not. 

I have not tried tit nailing myself although my Master has with his previous subs and yes its something that appeals to is on the to-do-list lol but as with everything in this lifestyle not everything is going to appeal to everyone...there are some things that i really have no interest in doing for reasons that they scare me or simply just dont appeal.  I will state that before becoming involved with my Master and intially in the beginning of our relationship needles and most definitely tit nailing (which i only realised people did since i got with him) was so definitly not for me and i was adamant about that....funny how people grow and change and things are looked at differently.

When i first heard about this lifestyle my reaction was a mixture of realise that i was normal wanting these kinky things but mostly for me it was about wanting to be controlled/dominated and people did live in and enjoy this lifestyle.... to absolutely scaring the living daylights out of me!  I think there is such a wide diversity within bdsm and the M/s dynamic that it can be overwhelming and it will either intrigue people more or put them obviously well it intrigued me more.

First experiencing it, not just the bdsm but the D/s side was a huge eye opener for me, it answered my questions about whether it was just a fantasy for me or could i do this for real, my first relationship didnt last that long but long enough for me to get a taste and know that i couldnt contemplate going back vanilla.

I hope this helps in giving a clearer view of what i meant...but this is just my opinions and thoughts and as such may differ from someone elses.....what does need to be remembered and i think is important is that there is no right or wrong way.....its the way that works for the individuals that matters.

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  1. Thanks,tori. My sex life is not vanilla; but, it's not hardcore
    either. It wasn't until recently that I discovered some of the things people were into. If something facinates me, I like to know more about it.
    I appreciate the time you took to answer my questions. I enjoyed reading your post.