Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Oh no..the mother effect

I have just realised i am turning into my mother....this is not a good thing, im finding as im getting older and im only 36  im becoming a grouch..its true i moan a lot more about life etc..is this normal? my mum moans about everything, she picks up the paper and we all have to hear her very long views on whats going wrong with this country/world...omg thats me.

It must stop, i cant become that person, i was replying to mouse on my last post and i thought shit....im my mother...so i will keep the grouch posts to a minimum...feel free to tell me to shut up and enjoy life if i grouch again too much again...seriously...so next post will be positive, it will be enlightening...it will be happy goddamit.


  1. I laughed so hard when I read your post. I'm the same way! I swore I would never get my kids names mixed up like my mother did and what do I do?! I'm my mother all over again.

    Hope you have a happy day !


  2. LOL. My parents are into lengthy digressions about their medication.

  3. hi kitty

    Well it is said if you want to see how your wife will be in 30 years time look to the mother! i find this a terrifying prospect lol i dont have a good relationship with my mum so for me it is a scary thought!

    tori x

  4. hi Joan

    My dad is the one who complains about his various aches and pains, i feel sorry for his poor doctor lol

    tori x