Friday, 6 April 2012

Happy Hunting

Was up until very late last night well in to the early hours writing out clues for the Easter egg hunt on Sunday which im holding in the garden....17 children! i must be bonkers but i love it, its a great time to get family and friends together.  Im taking a break now from the baking....85 little chocolate eggs made....17 large ones, one huge chocolate easter cake and so far 36 chick shaped cookies...yep definitely bonkers.....tonight 17 baskets/bags to be made.

They have been allocated 6 eggs each all personalised so they get their ones only, they start off with a clue to find the first egg and then another clue with that egg to find the next one etc etc, it was quite a challenge having to think of different clues to suit the different age ranges but its worth it to see them all having fun.

We was invited to an adult alternative Easter egg hunt which i did find really appealing but definitely couldnt make this one not on the Easter weekend but it does sound much fun.  Its being hosted by a couple who own a dungeon we have frequented and the gist is the subs have to find the eggs hidden throughout the building (its a very large building) and each egg comes with either a reward or a consequence... im a bit gutted we cant make this as i think it will be a very entertaining evening!

Now back to the baking.


  1. Omgoodness, you made your own chocolate eggs? Impressive.

    Personally, that adult option sounded great...I'll be spending the day throwing confetti eggs at my kids. And monitoring the consumption of pre-made chocolate eggs lol.

  2. What a wonder mom you are:)! We just dye eggs and hide them in the yard and give out lots of treats...same routine every year, but hey, the kids love it and it's not too difficult.

    It sounds like you've really upped the ante, lol!


  3. lil, kitty

    Trust me im regretting it wasnt that bad my sister in law and and mum all helped (with wine to help us along) and its the first time we have made the eggs...would i do it agin year it can be someone elses turn!

    tori xx